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American DJ’s Flash Rope Features 12 Strobe Capsules

Published Dec 3, 2004

LOS ANGELES—“Twelve strobes a-flashin’ . . .” American DJs new Flash Rope effect sounds like something straight out of The 12 Days of Christmas. And indeed, this string of blinking miniature strobe lights is as perfect for decking the halls at Christmas celebrations, as it is for dance floors, stages, home parties, and just about any other occasion or special event you can think of.

A festive, affordable, easy-to-use lighting effect, the Flash Rope consists of 12 mini flash capsules strung together on a flexible strand. Each of the strobes flashes at a rate of once per second—frequent enough to catch the eye, but slow enough so that it’s not distracting or overwhelming. The strand measures 15.5 feet long, and multiple ropes can be chained together just like Christmas tree lights to cover a large area.

Built to be extremely durable and dependable, each of the Flash Rope’s flash capsules lasts up to 2,000 hours. The Flash Rope is also 100 percent rainproof, allowing it to be used both indoors and outdoors.

These qualities, combined with the fact that it’s a “plug-and-play” effect requiring absolutely no technical expertise to operate, give the Flash Rope an extremely versatile range of applications.

The Flash Rope can be used to jazz up concert stages, DJ booths, dance floors, store grand openings, retail display windows, and even people’s front yards and homes. Equally suitable as a nightclub lighting effect and a party decoration, the Flash Rope is a great way to add cheer during the fall-winter Halloween-Christmas-New Years season. And with the timeless, universal popularity of strobes working in its favor, the Flash Rope will never go out of style or lose its appeal among revelers of all ages.

“The Flash Rope is a fun and easy way to add a touch of strobe action to any situation,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It’s a go-anywhere effect with so many possible uses. Your imagination’s really the limit! And it’s so simple to use -- once the strand is fastened and in position, all you need is an electrical outlet to plug it in and watch it flicker all night.”

Equipped with a built-in O-ring, the Flash Rope can be hung anywhere quickly and easily. Weighing just 1.75 lbs., it’s simple to transport and safe to set up. Power consumption is rated at 45 watts.

At just $94.95 suggested retail, the Flash Rope is priced to fit any budget, no matter how big or small. “With its long life and multiple uses, the Flash Rope is a tremendous value,” Davies noted. “It represents the kind of quality, affordability, functionality and fun that make American DJ products so popular with our customers and dealers.”

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