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American DJ’s Dual Gem Pulse Offers Twice the Fun

Published Sep 24, 2009
American DJ Dual Gem Pulse

American DJ has put more “flash” in its popular Dual Gem LED moonflower -- literally! The company has added an LED strobe to this hot-selling dual LED moonflower effect to create the all-new Dual Gem Pulse, a sound-activated combo LED moonflower/strobe effect.

With two moonflowers -- containing a total of 32 red, 30 green and 30 blue LEDs – flanking an LED strobe powered by 45 white LEDs, the Dual Gem Pulse will create breathtaking excitement on the dance floor or stage. It combines the razor-sharp colored beams of the original Dual Gem LED’s double moonflowers, with an added burst of brilliant flashing white light from the strobe in the center.

A switch on the back of the Dual Gem Pulse allows the strobe to be turned on or off, giving DJs and clubs a quick way to ramp up the visual thrills. For instance, you can start out using just the dual moonflowers to project LED patterns on the dance floor or walls, then turn on the flashing strobe when the music starts to heat up. The quick, pulsating flash of the strobe emanating from the moonflowers’ multicolored rays will pump up the crowd and create a truly intense, visually spectacular atmosphere.

As a 2-in-1 combo fixture, the Dual Gem Pulse also offers spectacular dollar value to DJs and clubs. “In today’s economic climate, American DJ is more committed than ever to giving our customers more for their money,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “That is why we took our very successful Dual Gem LED and added a strobe to it, essentially giving DJs and clubs two effects for the price of one. The Dual Gem Pulse is very affordable, and the fact that it utilizes cutting-edge LED technology enhances its value even further.”  

One of the biggest values of LED fixtures comes from the long life of their lamps. The Dual Gem Pulse’s LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours, virtually eliminating the expense and hassle of lamp replacement. LEDs also emit very little heat, so the Dual Gem Pulse can run all night without shutting down for duty cycles. And because LEDs are very energy-efficient – the Dual Gem Pulse consumes 17W maximum – electric bills will be lower and more units can be run on a single circuit.

Another advantage of LEDs is the rich, saturated colors they produce, which won’t fade over time. The Dual Gem Pulse’s beams are so sharp and bright, they don’t require fog for intensification, making it an ideal effect for venues where smoke is undesirable. Featuring a 32° beam angle, the Dual Gem Pulse can cover an extremely wide area with its colorful LED patterns. 

Featuring multi-voltage operation, the Dual Gem Pulse comes with a dual voltage switch on the back panel (115V/230V – IEC plug). A convenient hanging bracket is also included. Great for mobile entertainers, the Dual Gem Pulse is extremely compact, measuring just 9.25”L x 11”W x 6.25”H, and weighing 7 lbs.   The MSRP of the Dual Gem Pulse is $179.95.

American DJ’s Dual Gem Pulse has a dual voltage switch on the back panel (115V/230V – IEC plug) and comes with a hanging bracket. The MSRP is $179.95.

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