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American DJ’s DMX Fusion Scan 250

Published Dec 7, 2005

What’s even more spectacular than a 250-watt scanner with eye-popping gobos and a full spectrum of color options? How about all that, combined with dazzling, pin-sharp green laser beams?

This “best of both worlds” lighting excitement is just what the new Fusion Scan 250 from American DJ offers. The Fusion Scan 250 is a unique 2-in-1 DMX effect that packs a 250-watt scanner and cutting-edge 4.9mW green laser into one compact, affordable unit.

Ideal for clubs, DJs and bands, the 4-channel Fusion Scan 250 offers the versatility, convenience and economy of having two stunning effects combined in a single fixture – either one of which would produce a breathtaking light show on its own!

The Fusion Scan 250’s scanner features a high-output 250-watt Philips brand long-life lamp for ultra-bright colors and images. It comes equipped with 7 vibrant colors plus white and 10 gobos plus spot. Featuring separate gobo and color wheels, the versatile scanner can create a wide range of visual combinations to keep any light show varied and interesting throughout the night.

The dazzling 4.9mW green laser creates a brilliant display of razor-sharp vivid emerald beams. “Green lasers are currently a very hot special effect,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies.

“Green laser beams appear much brighter than red laser beams, travel further distances and can be seen more readily in mid-air,” Davies added. “By combining a green laser with a 250-watt scanner, the Fusion Scan 250 gives clubs and DJs two of today’s most in-demand, dramatic special effects in one affordable, lightweight fixture.”

Featuring 4 DMX channels, the Fusion Scan 250 can be operated in three modes: via a universal DMX controller, in stand-alone sound-active mode running to its own built-in internal programs, or by master-slave linking with XLR cables to produce a synchronized light show. The Fusion Scan 250 offers both fast and slow built-in programs, allowing users to select the best-paced light show for the type of music being played.

With the Fusion Scan 250, there’s no break in the dramatic visual excitement, either, because the unit is cooled by a high velocity fan, allowing continuous, safe operation all night long without an on/off “duty cycle.” It also comes with circuit breaker protection, so there’s never any need to change fuses. Other features on the Fusion Scan 250 include: a full focusing lens, 16-degree beam angle, and hanging bracket for easy mounting.

The Fusion Scan 250 utilizes a state-of-the-art electronic transformer, which makes it much more lightweight than fixtures that use traditional metal transformers. Featuring sturdy, high-tech plastic casing, it weighs in at only 11 lbs. and measures just 21”L x 9”W x 9.5”H, so it’s a breeze to take on the road and transport from gig to gig.

The suggested retail price of the Fusion Scan 250 is $419.99.

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