Dec 2, 2023

American DJ’s Affordable Color Fusion Wash Effect

Published Aug 12, 2005

Many lighting users these days are familiar with RGB color mixing —the process of combining red, green and blue lamps to create specific shades and enhance certain moods. Now, American DJ has introduced the Color Fusion, a compact DMX-compatible stage color wash effect that offers professional RGB color-blending at a show-stopping price that’s within reach of any performer or club owner.


Designed for bands, small nightclubs, DJs, and a wide variety of staging applications, the Color Fusion comes with three rectangular lamps – red, green and blue. By varying the amount of output from each lamp, users can create virtually any color they want, setting just the right backdrop for any performance.


“The Color Fusion is perfect for anyone doing staging who wants a professional color wash, but is concerned about their budget,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “This neat little device will significantly boost the drama and ambience of your show by creating whatever color you desire, precisely when you need it.”


The 4-channel Color Fusion can be operated using any standard DMX controller, or it can be set to run as a sound-active plug-and-play unit that moves to the groove of its own built-in chase patterns. The powerful, easy-to-use fixture is ideal for everyone from experienced, veteran lighting users to budding young performers who are just getting started in the entertainment biz.


The Color Fusion provides electronic dimming from 0–100 percent, so you can fully adjust the intensity and depth of your color wash on the fly. Convenient barn doors give users the ability to change the dimensions of the wash area and direct it toward any spot in the room, onstage or off.


In addition to stage use, the Color Fusion is ideal for illuminating retail displays, trade show exhibits and small architectural applications, thanks to its professional quality, compact size, and easy setup and operation. The Color Fusion weighs only 14 lbs. and measures 14.25"L x 9"W x 6"H, making it easily transportable and allowing it to be positioned discreetly at any application.


The fan-cooled unit comes with three LL-EHM 120-volt, 300-watt lamps and includes an easy lamp replacement door. The suggested retail price of the Color Fusion is only $279.95.

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