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American DJ’s 800-Watt “Wave” Effect

Published Jan 15, 2007

There’s a cool new wave sweeping the hippest clubs, bars and nightspots. The Wave from American DJ is a high-output 800-watt mood effect that sends out 60 unique “S-shaped” beams in vibrant blue and aqua tones.

The wavy beams, combined with the stunning shades of blue, make the Wave a truly one-of-a-kind effect. When used at slow speeds, it will create a serene mood with spellbinding water-like imagery. Then, simply increase its speed at the flick of a switch, and the mood instantly changes from tranquil New Age ambiance to a high-energy party atmosphere.

To give users this easy versatility, the Wave comes with built-in programs at both slow and fast speeds. The programs make it a cinch to run the Wave in plug-and-play Sound Active mode.

The Wave also has two DMX-512 channels for use with a programmable DMX controller. For larger venues, a series of Waves can be daisy-chained by XLR cables in Master-Slave mode to create a truly powerful effect.

“With its beautiful colors and unique beam shape, the Wave really is a totally new and different mood effect that people will notice and comment on,” said Scott Davies, General Manger of the American DJ Group of Companies. “There’s something hypnotic, almost magical, about blue lights ? remember those blue Christmas lights you always loved as a kid? Imagine 60 powerful beams in shades of blue projecting on the walls, floor and room surfaces, and you get the picture.”

With its ease of use and a very affordable suggested retail price of $199.95, the Wave is perfect for DJs, clubs, bars and bands of all sizes. “Don’t be fooled by its affordability,” said Davies. “Even though the Wave is well within the price range of most entertainers, it produces a stunning high-power effect that’s sure to make any light show look professional.”

The Wave is also great for lighting designers and stage applications as a mood or water effect. Its unique “wavy” beams will add a distinctive look to any building, venue or show.

The Wave can be run all night without interruption, because it comes equipped with a high-velocity fan that keeps it cool without requiring duty cycles. A hanging bracket and 800-watt LL-JS800 lamp are included, and an easy-access door makes lamp replacement a snap.

Weighing in at only 14lb, the Wave is lightweight enough for mobile entertainers to transport from gig to gig. It measures 13” x 14.75” x 9”. The MSRP of the Wave is $199.95.

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