Nov 28, 2023

American DJ’s 800-Watt Fog Array

Published Nov 13, 2004

Fog goes with lighting like reverb goes with audio: It makes the whole production seem more professional by adding depth and sizzle to the mix.


Now, mobile DJs and bands can turn up the volume on their light shows and look more like true pros with the Fog Array, a powerful new fog machine from American DJ.


An 800-watt unit, the Fog Array provides quick and widespread coverage, thanks to its unique dual 400-watt outputs, which blast out a total of 3,000 cubic feet of misty fog per minute. Set at an angle for maximum coverage, the two outputs work together to disperse fog faster and more efficiently than an 800-watt machine with a single output. And at a budget price of just $99.95, the Fog Array provides significantly more fog for the dollar.


“Fog can really enhance a light show, making colors appear brighter, effects more spectacular, and spotlights more dramatic,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “By having the fog come out of two different places, the Fog Array maximizes these benefits because it provides greater and more even coverage throughout a room or area. This powerful new fogger will transform even the biggest venue into cloud nine right before your eyes.”


The Fog Array takes only five minutes to warm up, making it the perfect effect for DJs and bands on the go, busy nightclubs, private events and special occasions like holiday celebrations and birthday parties. Remarkably easy to operate, the Fog Array begins producing fresh, dense fog with the flip of an external switch.


For added convenience, the Fog Array comes with a wired remote control. The remote lets users start and stop the onslaught of fog from the stage, the DJ booth or any other discreet spot in the room.


“Simply turn the unit on, and the fog rolls in thicker than a London winter and spookier than midnight in Transylvania,” Davies said. “You don’t have to do anything special to operate it, so it’s a great, fun effect for both experienced lighting users and novices, including home party hosts.”


Engineered to strict safety standards, the Fog Array is ETL and ETLC-approved. The unit comes with a refillable 500ml fog fluid tank (fog fluid sold separately).


Compact and lightweight for easy portability, the Fog Array measures 11.5”L x 11”W x 7”H and weighs only 7.5 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Fog Array is $99.95.

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