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American DJ WiTech 8 Wireless Controller Allows Wirefree Lighting Control

Published Feb 25, 2010
American DJ WiTech 8 Wireless Controller

DJs, bands, bars and clubs now have the opportunity to run light shows from anywhere in the club or onstage thanks to American DJ’s WiTech 8 Wireless controller. An 8-channel lighting controller with an included handheld remote, the WiTech 8 can control up to 8 lighting fixtures wirelessly, making it possible to put on a top-notch lighting event without the need for cumbersome wires that make maneuverability difficult.

With a simple touch of a button, the WiTech 8 easily controls On/Off, All On, Stand By (Blackout), Function and Mode for each channel. Although it can turn both non-DMX and DMX fixtures On and Off, it does not have DMX capabilities, so the DMX controllability on a light could not be used. Accurate and far-reaching, the handheld wireless remote unit operates from up to 325 feet away, giving entertainers freedom to roam anywhere in the room.

Not only does the easy-to-use WiTech 8 allow DJs and bands to do away with unwieldy wires, but the unit itself is compact, lightweight and affordable. Therefore, The WiTech 8 is a perfect choice for mobile entertainers. Its dimensions are a puny 16.75”L x 4.25”W x 2.5”H and its weight is just 6 lbs.


“The WiTech 8 Wireless controller is the ultimate solution for the working DJ or mobile entertainer who wants to go wireless,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “You can produce an incredible light show from virtually anywhere in the room. You can put on an amazing performance while entertaining guests on the dance floor for example.

“Just think about it. The WiTech 8 can work a whole football field away from where you mount the actual unit,” he added. “That’s incredible wireless coverage. And you get all of that along with an extremely affordable price point as well.”

Everything about the WiTech 8 Wireless was designed for user convenience. Thanks to the inclusion of a hanging bracket, the WiTech 8 can be mounted on truss, lighting stands, walls or ceilings. That frees up valuable space for all of the other items DJs and bands need.

Also included on the unit is a 1/4�inch connection for input of American DJ’s (optional) UC3 controller (sold separately), and a 16A resettable circuit breaker. The WiTech 8 Wireless operates on a frequency of 433.9Mhz. Maximum load is 5A per channel, or a total of 15A at a time. The WiTech 8 powers up at 120V/60Hz.


The MSRP of the WiTech 8 Wireless controller, including handheld wireless remote, is $219.95

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