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American DJ Unveils Revo Series of DMX LED Moonflowers

Published Sep 30, 2007

American DJ continues expand its cutting-edge LED FX line with the introduction of an exciting new series of high-output moonflower effects – the Revo Series – which feature the benefits and performance of LED technology, along with the versatility of DMX. What makes the Revo Series really special is that the fixtures contain white LEDs – along with red, green and blue – for added eye pop and a truly unique-looking effect.

The new series consists of the Revo I, Revo II, and Revo III intelligent moonflowers, each a different size, output and price point, to meet every budget and need. Great for DJs, bands and clubs, these effects offer amazing output and spectacular programs, and are capable of covering an extremely wide area. Their RGBW (red, green, blue, white) LEDs produce brilliant beams and colors, which outshine traditional halogen moonflowers and look great with or without a fog machine.

According to Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ group of companies, the use of white LEDs in the Revo line breaks new ground, creating lighting effects unlike any other. “By adding white to the typical mix of red, green and blue LEDs, we were able to spice up the Revo effects and create a really advanced LED moonflower,” Davies said. “The Revo Series is an example of American DJ’s commitment to leading the way in this exciting new world of LED technology.”

Because LED lamps can be turned off and on individually, the moonflowers’ built-in programs can create a variety of breathtaking chases and patterns that would not be possible with a halogen fixture. An advanced new lens technology enhances the LEDs’ visual intensity, sharpening their beams.

The Revos’ LED technology provides benefits that go beyond their stunning eye appeal. Users will save money, because LEDs draw less power and eliminate bulb replacements with their extremely long life rated at 100,000 hours. Additionally, LED lamps don’t give off as much heat as halogen, so they keep a cooler temperature on the dance floor and can run all night without duty cycles. And, because of their low power draw, more units can be operated on a single circuit.

Each of the versatile Revo fixtures can be operated in 4 modes: DMX, Master-Slave, Sound Active (to their built-in programs), and Remote. Each unit features a ¼” input for an optional remote control (sold separately).

With three Revo models to choose from, each with different price points and features, every DJ and club can enjoy the benefits of these cutting-edge LED moonflowers:


· Revo I - The smallest, most compact model in the series, the 4-DMX-channel Revo I is ideal for mobile DJs and clubs with limited space. It contains 39 total LEDs -- 16 red, 12 green, 12 blue, and 9 white, which give off a light output similar to a 250-watt halogen lamp by visual comparison. Yet, this tiny dynamo consumes only 13 watts of power. Weighing a mere 3 lbs. and measuring 9” x 11.5” x 8”, the Revo I has an MSRP of $159.95.

· Revo II - With 156 total LEDs -- 48 red, 36 green, 36 blue and 36 white -- the Revo II is visually comparable to a 400-watt halogen lamp, despite drawing only 18 watts of power. It features 4 DMX channels, a strobe function and 0-100% dimming. It weighs 10 lbs. and measures 12.25” x 12” x 13.25”. The Revo II carries an MSRP of $259.95.

· Revo III- Great for venues of all sizes, the Revo III casts a unique pattern of 7 dazzling, color-changing LED clusters, which cover an extremely wide area. It has a total of 392 LEDs -- 140 red, 105 green, 84 blue and 63 white. It can be operated in 4-channel or 10-channel DMX mode. A strobe function and 0-100% dimming add to the versatility of the Revo III. It weighs 10 lbs. and measures 12.25” x 12” x 13.25”. The MSRP of the Revo III is $319.95.

For more information, contact American DJ at 1-800-322-6337 or visit www.americandj.com Email: info@americandj.com

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