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American DJ Unveils Eco UV Bar Plus LED-Powered

Published Apr 9, 2012
Americandj UV

Black lights have been cool for a long time. But lately they’ve been cooler than ever (literally speaking!), thanks to the innovation of using low-heat-producing UV LEDs in place of conventional ultraviolet lamps. Now there’s a new LED-powered black light that not only keeps its cool, it will also amaze you with its extreme brightness: the Eco UV Bar Plus from American DJ.

A 39.5-inch (1,000mm) bar containing 18 x 1-watt UV LEDs, the Eco UV Bar Plus is a full 30% brighter than ADJ’s original Eco UV Bar de to the latest advancements in LED and lens technology. This amped-up output gives the Eco UV Bar Plus the appearance of a “black light on steroids,” making it an even more dramatic effect for performance stages, theatrical productions, bars, bowling centers, skating rinks, miniature golf, laser tag, haunted houses or any special effects installations where the glowing, mystical aura of a UV light is desired.

Yet despite its impressively greater brightness, the Eco UV Bar Plus uses no more energy than its predecessor.  It draws a mere 26 watts of electricity, making it a “bright” choice for users who not only want an intensely powerful black light, but would like to save money on utility costs as well.

Along with being energy efficient, the Eco UV Bar Plus is conveniently maintenance-free. Its long-life LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours, virtually eliminating the need for lamp changes.  Plus, with no moving parts, you can count on it to produce its brilliant ultraviolet effects reliably, day-in/day-out, without service issues.

“Ultraviolet or ‘black’ lights are typically used as mood effects, which means they need to be, one, dramatic and, two, reliable, since they are often kept on for long periods of time” said Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for American DJ.  “The Eco UV Bar Plus was designed to meet both of these requirements.  Not only do its LED lamps, low heat output and maintenance-free design make it a reliable day-in/day-out performer, but it is 30% brighter than its predecessor, which is a huge difference. There’s nothing shy or timid about the Eco UV Bar Plus – it’s a truly spectacular black light that will add a lot of drama and flair anywhere it’s used.”

Designed for versatility, the Eco UV Bar Plus can be “used” in a lot of different places and applications.  It comes with dual mounting brackets, which allow the unit to either be hung on a wall or ceiling, or set on the floor for wall washing and uplighting.  This go-anywhere UV light also includes multi-voltage operation: AC 100V-240V, 47/63 Hz).

The Eco UV Bar Plus features a 120° beam angle and a 390-410nm wavelength.  It measures 39.5”L x 2.5”W x 4.5”H (1,000 x 60 x 110.5mm), and at just 5.3 lbs. (2.4 kg.) is extremely lightweight and easy to transport.
The MSRP of the Eco UV Bar Plus is $209.95

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