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American DJ Unveils Compact Krypto Sync Green Laser

Published Jan 9, 2005

With the new Krypto Sync from American DJ, small clubs and mobile DJs everywhere will be “seeing green.” A compact 4.9mW green laser, the Krypto Sync has been designed for smaller users who want the excitement of green laser effects, but don’t have the big budgets of large clubs to pay an expensive price tag for this cutting-edge technology.

At a suggested retail price of just $259.95, the Krypto Sync is not only an amazingly affordable green laser, it’s also loaded with easy-to-use features that will allow DJs and clubs to take their visual effects to the next level. With this little laser, users can put on a high-tech light show that will make other establishments green with envy.

For starters, the Krypto Sync comes pre-programmed with a whole arsenal of different geometric shapes – just plug it in, and you get continuous variety of visual patterns. Going a step further, users can create their own custom shapes when the unit is in the Manual Mode, putting a unique twist on their light show.

The Manual Mode is one of three different operational modes that the versatile Krypto Sync can be run in. The other two modes are Sound Active and Master Slave.

When in the Sound Active Mode, the Krypto Sync’s searing effects will automatically move to the beat of the music, zapping the dance floor with sharp, pulsating electric green beams. The Master Slave Mode allows multiple Krypto Sync units to be linked together for a synchronized light show across larger areas.

“In the past, green laser effects were often too expensive for small clubs and mobile DJs, but American DJ is changing all that with the budget-friendly Krypto Sync,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “This is yet another example of how our company is continually striving to bring the newest lighting technologies within reach of the working DJ and neighborhood club.

“The Krypto Sync has been designed with this market in mind,” Davies added. “It’s easy to use, and it’s very lightweight and portable – you can take it anywhere. Plus, the fact that the Krypto Sync is syncable with other units means that you’ll never ‘outgrow’ it, because you can always expand it to meet your needs.”

The Krypto Sync is fan-cooled and comes with a 4.9mW green laser diode. Extremely compact and featherweight, it measures 8”L x 7.5”W x 6”H and weighs a mere 2 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Krypto Sync is $259.95.

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