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American DJ Unveils 2 Instant Light-Shows-in-a-Box

Published Sep 9, 2004

American DJ is getting the party started early this holiday season with the introduction of two new affordable, all-in-one lighting packages, the Festive Light Pak and the Essential Light Pak. Each of these instant light-shows-in-a-box offers three plug-and-play American DJ effects at price points that even Santa and his elves would be hard-pressed to beat.


The Festive Light Pak includes the ColorBall, the S25 Strobe Light and the Multi-Flower, a multi-color moonflower effect. Each piece was chosen for the popularity of the type of effect among mobile DJs, as well as its ability to complement the other fixtures in the package to create a stunning out-of-the-box light show. With a suggested retail price of only $149.95, the Festive Light Pak is perfect for everyone from house party hosts to mobile DJs who are just getting started.


The Essential Light Pak consists of American DJ’s Multi-Flower, Color Splash and Beamer effects. The Color Splash projects light through beveled glass to create a retro-style flowing-water effect, while the Beamer generates a shower of dozens of U-shaped colored beams. All three units work together to provide the basic ingredients of a spectacular light show at an awesome price point of just $399.95.


Great for mobile DJs, small clubs, garage bands, parties and holiday events, the Festive Light Pak and Essential Light Pak are so easy to set up and operate that even complete novices will be able to instantly put on a professional-looking light show. And with the packages’ amazingly affordable price tags, they won’t have to break their budgets to do so.


“All-in-one light show packages that are easy to operate and offer consumers great value for the dollar have been very successful for us,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “That’s why we continue to come out with new ones, such as the Festive Light Pak and Essential Light Pak, which are designed to satisfy different end-user needs and budgets.


“Like all of our other light show packages, the Festive Light Pak and Essential Light Pak offer a bundle of effects at a price that’s much lower than if the units were purchased individually. They also eliminate the time spent shopping around for effects to create a good-looking light show, because all the units in each package were designed to work in sync with one another.”


Both the Festive Light Pak and the Essential Light Pak feature attractive, colorful packaging that conveys a “get the party started” attitude.


The suggested retail price of the Festive Light Pak is $149.95. The suggested retail price of the Essential Light Pak is $399.95.

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