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American DJ Turns Hyperactive

Published Sep 7, 2004

It’s not just “hype” -- American DJ has introduced a new, more electrifying lighting effect for clubs and DJs. The Hyper Beam is a brilliant 250-watt multi-colored prismatic effect whose wild gyrations will keep a club or dance floor in an endless state of frenzy, because it can be operated all night, with no duty cycle.


When Hyper Beam does its thing, colored rays of light reflect off of four mirrors through a rotating 3-sided prism, creating constant movement and covering a wide area. A highly energized effect, Hyper Beam’s 250-watt lamp can scatter its colorful refractions to the furthest corners of the dance floor.



The Hyper Beam can create 9 different eye-popping colors plus white. An FX switch lets DJs choose among three different modes of operation: (1) Sound-active prism rotation and continuous dichro dish rotation; (2) Sound-active prism rotation with dichro dish stationary; and (3) Sound-active prism rotation and sound-active dichro dish rotation. Each mode puts its own unique and exciting twist on the Hyper Beam’s hyperactive performance.


Best of all, the fast-paced visual excitement will continue all the way through closing time, because the Hyper Beam never has to take a “time out” for cooling. Priced at just $159.95 suggested retail, the Hyper Beam represents a new generation of affordable American DJ lighting units that can run all night with no on-off duty cycle. A large fan keeps the unit cool for continuous operation.



“The Hyper Beam is a great example of American DJ’s commitment to keep coming out with club and DJ lighting effects that deliver increasingly more value for the dollar,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Not only is the Hyper Beam a tremendously energized effect for its price, but it comes with a super-brilliant 250-watt lamp, and it offers continuous operation with no duty cycle.”



The Hyper Beam is also extremely portable, because it utilizes an electronic transformer that keeps it lightweight, only 12 lbs. Another user-friendly feature is circuit-breaker protection, which insures operators that they’ll never have to deal with the frustration of blown fuses.


Other practical features of Hyper Beam include easy-access lamp replacement and specially designed brackets for hanging the unit. A 24-volt, 250-watt ZB-EHJ lamp is included. The unit measures 11”L x 14”W x 9”H. It weighs only 12 lbs.


The Hyper Beam has a suggested retail price of $159.95.

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