Sep 27, 2023

American DJ Takes 2005 Crystal Disc Award

Published Nov 12, 2005

NOVEMBER 12, 2005 – DJZone, the Web’s largest information network for disc jockeys, today awarded their 2005 Crystal Disc honor to American DJ for their P-36 LED and P-64 LED professional LED par can lighting. The awards are given annually to sound and lighting manufacturers whose products exhibit superior technical innovation for the mobile and club disc jockey industries.

The innovative American DJ units are the first affordable LED par lighting to be marketed with the DJ in mind. “With mobile DJ’s striving to lighten their load by consolidating their lighting packages these new LED fixtures will give DJs the first alternative to a light that was originally adapted to club use almost three decades ago, the PAR light or rainlight,” said Sid Vanderpool, president of the DJZone Network. “The P-36 LED and P-64 LED provides you with a multi colored fixture in a feather-weight package, all at a street price of under $160 and $280 respectively.”

The award was received by American DJ General Manager Scott M. Davies and Toby Velazquez at the Entertainment Technology Week (LDI)in Orlando, FL.

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