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American DJ Scan 250 and Fusion 250 Makeovers

Published May 17, 2008

Two of American DJ’s best-selling intelligent DJ/club scanners – the DJ Scan 250 HP and Fusion Scan 250 -- have undergone ex-treme makeovers. Reborn as the DJ Scan 250 EX and Fusion Scan 250 EX , -- they’re a mobile 250-watt scanner and a 250-watt scanner/4.9mW green laser combo, respectively -- the new, upgraded versions are packed with even more features than their popular predecessors. Best of all, despite their many enhancements, the price tags on the two new models haven’t (in the case of the Fusion Scan 250 EX) or have barely (in the case of the DJ Scan 250 EX) increased at all, making them a more ex-ceptional dollar value than ever!

Fans of the original scanners will notice right off the bat that the DJ Scan 250 EX and Fusion Scan 250 EX each contain two brand-new fun effects – a Fast Strobe and Gobo Shake. An extra DMX channel has been added to each unit to control these new features, bringing the total to 5 channels on the DJ Scan 250 EX and 6 channels on the Fusion Scan 250 EX.

Four exciting new colors have also been added to the upgraded versions, for a total of 11 brilliant colors plus white. Each scanner is also armed with 10 gobos plus spot. With this profusion of colors and gobos on separate wheels, the possibilities for creating eye-popping images on the dance floor have never been greater!

In addition to being operated with a standard DMX controller, both the DJ Scan 250 EX and Fusion Scan 250 EX can run stand-alone in sound-active mode and can be linked together master-slave in multiples. Another new innovation on the upgraded versions, called the Pan/Tilt Inversion Mode, kicks in when four units are running together master-slave. Instead of all four scanners moving in sync, as is typically the case with master-slave operation, units 1 and 3 will sync together, while units 2 and 4 move in the opposite direction, in the exact mirror image of the other two. This makes it look like the scanners are “dancing” with each other and gives the appearance of a more sophisticated light show, one that would typically require DMX programming – yet it’s done completely without a controller!

With their many exciting features, 250-watt brightness, compact size, and affordable price tags, the DJ Scan 250 EX and Fusion Scan 250 EX are ideal for DJs, clubs, bands and other entertainment venues. Another change made in the new versions is a reduction of the beam angle by a degree to 15°. This makes the mobile scanners even more well-suited for small clubs and rooms with low ceilings.

Additionally, the casing has been upgraded on the new units to better withstand the rigors of mobile use. Whereas the previous models were housed in plastic, the DJ Scan 250 EX and Fusion Scan 250 EX have cases made of more sturdy, rugged metal, yet each weighs only a pound more (12 lbs.) than its predecessor.

“No matter how popular one of our lights is, we are always looking for ways to upgrade and improve it, so that we can better accommodate our customers’ needs and give them more bang for their buck,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “With the DJ Scan 250 EX and the Fusion Scan 250 EX we added more features, and we did it without increasing the price of the Fusion Scan 250 EX and increasing the price of the DJ Scan 250 EX by only $20. Plus, the new metal housing makes the scanners more durable for our customers who use them for mobile performances.”

Both the DJ Scan 250 EX and the Fusion Scan 250 EX have a high velocity fan that keeps the scanner cool, eliminating the need for duty cycles; a high-output 250W (LL-ELC 24V) halogen lamp for bright colors and clear effects; a full-focusing lens; and a hanging bracket, so they’re ready to install right out of the box. The Fusion Scan 250 EX includes a 4.9mW class IIIr green laser diode.

In addition to being run via a DMX controller, the DJ Scan 250 EX and the Fusion Scan 250 EX can be operated with American DJ’s easy-to-use universal UC controller (sold separately). Each unit measures 17.25”L x 7.5”W x 6”H.

The MSRP of the DJ Scan 250 EX is $299.95 (just $20 more than the DJ Scan 250 HP!). The MSRP of the Fusion Scan 250 EX is $419.95 (not a cent more than the Fusion Scan 250!).

For more information, contact American DJ at 1-800-322-6337 or visit www.americandj.com , or email info@americandj.com.

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