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American DJ Revo Xpress Give's New Wide-Coverage

Published Dec 4, 2009
Revo Xpress

American DJ’s award-winning Revo Series of red-green-blue-white beam LED moonflowers has won a large following among DJs and clubs, thanks to its unique razor-sharp beam patterns, low maintenance and ease of operation. Now, ADJ is bringing Revo excitement to entertainers on the go who want to lighten their load by introducing the Revo Xpress, a power-packed, portable unit that, by itself, can put on a “one-man” light show.

Armed with 64 red, 64 green, 64 blue and 64 white 5mm LEDs, the Revo Xpress produces an amazing 256 beams, enough to light up most dance floors even if no other fixtures are used. With four large lenses and a 60° beam angle, this massive shower of beams spreads out over a huge area.

The idea behind the Revo Xpress was to appeal to the growing trend among mobile entertainers to want to simplify and carry less gear around from gig to gig, said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Entertainers on the go are looking to lighten their gear loads. Many of our customers have told us they would like to be able to bring just one or two lighting effects to their gigs.

“With the Revo Xpress, we have met this demand for a ‘one-fixture’ lighting toolchest, while still giving users a high-impact light show,” said Davies. “As a member of our popular Revo family, it produces the same type of unique, stunning RGBW LED moonflower effects that have led to industry awards and record-breaking sales for this series.”

Like its Revo siblings, the Revo Xpress shoots out razor-sharp red, green, blue and white beams in dramatic, eye-popping patterns. Since each of its 256 LEDs can be turned on and off individually, it can create much more exciting and intricate chases and patterns than a traditional halogen moonflower effect. It even has a strobe effect that can be used with any combination of colors for a truly amazing dance floor experience!  

Another of the Revo Xpress’s distinctive features is that, as with the other Revos, white LEDs have been added to the standard RGB mix, making its colors brighter, richer and more intense. So sharp and dazzling are the Revo Xpress’s LED beams, that they look sensational with or without fog, making the unit an ideal choice for venues where fog machines are unwelcome or prohibited.

To meet a variety of end-user needs, the Revo Xpress can be operated in 3 modes: DMX, Sound Active and Master-Slave. Operators can further select from 2 DMX modes – 4-channel or 256-channel – depending on the degree of programming complexity desired. When in Sound Active Mode, the Revo Xpress will run as a simple-to-use, plug-n-play unit to its own electrifying built-in programs. The unit also includes a ¼” input jack for an optional American DJ UC3 remote control (sold separately). 


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Along making entertainers’ lives easier, the Revo Xpress is easy on the environment and wallets, because it’s very eco-friendly and inexpensive to run. A single Revo Xpress unit uses only 29W of power, cutting energy bills and allowing more units to be run on a single circuit. And, because its LED’s are rated for 100,000 hours of lamp life, DJ’s and clubs no longer have to be concerned with the expense and hassle of changing bulbs. Another advantage of the Rev Xpress’s LEDs is that they generate very little heat, so there’s no need to shut down for duty cycles, and entertainers can pack the unit up right after the show without having to wait for a cool-down period.

The Revo Xpress features In/Out IEC power connections for daisy chaining, as well as multi-voltage capabilities (AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz). The unit measures a slim 38.5”L x 8.5”W x 4.75”W, weighs just 15 lbs and comes with a hanging bracket. 

As a “one-fixture light show” the Revo Xpress offers great value at an MSRP of $439.95.

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