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American DJ Revo Sweep LED Added To Award-Winning Revo Series

Published Nov 12, 2008

The Revo revolution continues! American DJ has rolled out the Revo Sweep, an exciting chase effect that is the newest member of the company’s award-winning Revo family of RGBW LED club lighting fixtures.

Like its popular siblings (Revo I, Revo II and Revo III moonflowers, and Revo Scan LED and Revo Roll LED scanners), the new Revo Sweep packs extra eye punch, because it’s powered by not only red, green, blue, but also white, LEDs. The white LEDs give its beams a rainbow-like aura and make the other colors appear bolder and richer.

Armed with 84 high-output 5mm LEDs (21 red, 21 green, 21 blue, 21 white), the Revo Sweep creates a shower of brilliant color beams through 7 lenses. A metal piece in front of the lenses moves from left to right, producing a chase-like movement as the beams race and sweep across the club or dance floor, giving rise to the Revo Sweep’s descriptive name. The Revo Sweep will “sweep” away club patrons, too, with exciting onboard features like high-energy built-in lighting programs, variable speed color strobing, and 0-100% electronic dimming.

A great effect for DJs, nightclubs and small venues, the DMX-compatible Revo Sweep is also very versatile, giving users a variety of control options. When run with a DMX controller, it can be set in either of two DMX Modes – 3-channel or 28-channel – providing programming flexibility for different needs. The Revo Sweep can also be run as a simple plug-n-play effect in Sound Active or Master-Slave Modes, sweeping its colorful beams around the room to the movement of its built-in programs, creating an exciting – and effortless --light show. Another easy control option is to use American DJ’s universal UC3 Controller (sold separately) for fingertip command of strobing, blackout and internal programs.

“We are very proud of this newest addition to our top-selling Revo family of groundbreaking LED club lighting effects,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Our first Revo effects – the Revo I, II and III moonflowers – were so amazing and advanced that they won DJ Zone’s 2007 Crystal Disc Award for superior technical innovation. Now we are expanding on this success with the Revo Sweep, which incorporates the same type of RGBW LED technology in a chase-type DJ/club effect.”

Along with its eye-popping visual show, the Revo Sweep’s advanced LED technology gives it a “clean sweep” over conventional halogen effects in terms of user advantages. Its bright LED beams shine much longer than halogen lamps, being rated at an impressive 100,000 hours of normal use. There won’t be any interruptions throughout the night for duty cycles either, because the Revo Sweep produces so little heat that no cool-down periods are required. Its LEDs are also amazingly energy-efficient, drawing just 9W of power. This reduces energy costs and allows you to hook up more units on a single circuit.

Linking multiple units is something that many clubs and DJs will want to do, once they see the cool specialty mounting brackets (sold separately) that American DJ has available for the Revo Sweep. There’s a Centerpiece Bracket that configures four Revo Sweeps together in the shape of a square to create a stunning centerpiece effect. There’s also an Array Bracket that allows four units to be stacked high on top of one another, projecting their beams over far distances.

The Revo Sweep has a 15° beam angle and includes a convenient 4-button LED display on the rear, DMX In and Out, and mounting brackets. Compact and lightweight, it measures 8”L x 12.5”W x 7.25”H, and weighs just 5 lbs. The MSRP of the Revo Sweep is $219.95.

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