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American DJ Revo 4 Matrix Wow!

Published Nov 2, 2009
American DJ Revo-4

American DJ has revved up its Revo Series with the launch of the Revo 4 -- the newest and most boldly breathtaking addition to this award-winning family of RGBW LED moonflowers. The company’s designers have devised a totally new and different kind of moonflower effect by thinking “inside the box”—literally. They programmed the Revo 4’s razor-sharp 256 red, green, blue and white 5mm LEDs to produce unique “box-like” patterns – matrixes, grids, squares, and other geometric designs – all with an edgy, high-tech look that ordinary moonflowers can’t match. Bottom line: the Revo 4 isn’t just outside the box, it’s also over the top when it comes to creating eye-popping visual excitement on the dance floor.

No halogen moonflower could possibly produce the Revo 4’s unusual-looking matrix patterns, said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “One of the big advantages of LED-powered effects is that each individual LED can be turned on and off separately. So when you’ve got 256 LEDs, as the Revo 4 does, you’ve got the tools to get pretty creative in designing patterns and chases,” said Davies. “Our designers really took this to a new level and let their imagination run wild with the Revo 4. Its matrix-like patterns go well beyond anything you’d associate with a typical moonflower.”

Ideal for nightclubs, discos, bars and mobile entertainers who want a really standout light show, the Revo 4 has a 50° beam angle and a wide beam spread that can project its unique patterns over large areas of walls, floors and ceilings. It comes equipped with a built-in strobe effect that can ramp up the excitement even further.  Like all members of the Revo Series, it contains not only red, green and blue LEDs, but also white ones. The white LEDs give its beams a rainbow-like aura and make the other color appear bolder and richer.

Although it can be run as an easy-play, sound-activated effect to its own built-in programs, the Revo 4 is also DMX-512 compatible, allowing users to create their own customized effects and programs with any standard DMX controller. It features 2 DMX operating modes – 4-channel and 256-channel – and has a convenient 4-button LED DMX display. The Revo 4 can also be operated with American DJ’s UC3 universal remote controller (sold separately), which provides easy “unwired” control over basic functions like blackout, strobing and program selection. When a larger light show is called for, Revo 4 units can be linked in multiples via XLR cable and run Master-Slave.


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Unique programs aren’t the only advantage of the Revo 4’s LED lamps. LEDs also operate at a cooler temperature than halogen fixtures, so the Revo 4 can run all night without having to shut down for duty cycles. Entertainers on the go will appreciate this feature too, since they can pack up immediately after the show is over without waiting for the fixture to cool down. Another advantage of LEDs is their long lamp life; the Revo 4’s LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours, freeing users from worries about lamp replacement.

Although it’s got RGBW LEDs, the Revo 4 is strictly one-color -- green -- when it comes to environmental friendliness. Bright and bold as it is, it consumes just 29W of electricity, an enormous energy savings over comparable halogen fixtures.

Great for use virtually anywhere, the Revo 4 features multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz. It comes with a convenient hanging bracket and is extremely compact and portable, measuring 12.25”L x 12”W x 13.25”H and weighing just 10 lbs.

The MSRP of the Revo 4 is $419.95.

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Tags: American Dj

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