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New American DJ Performance Scan & American DJ Deluxe Scan

Published Sep 15, 2005

American DJ is beaming out value that’s brighter than ever with its new Deluxe Scan 250 and Performance Scan 250 DMX-512 scanners. Both units offer DJs, clubs and lighting directors everything they’d expect in a full-featured professional scanner -- plus some things they might not, like high-quality Philips 250-watt bulbs and amazingly affordable price tags of just $499.95 and $579.95 (MSRP) respectively.

Loaded with an array of colors and gobos, along with eye-popping effects like scrolling, gobo shake and strobing, the Deluxe Scan 250 and Performance Scan 250 have all the tools to create a stunning cutting-edge intelligent light show. In addition to their abundance of effects, the two scanners are loaded with value, because American DJ has packed in extra features for the dollar, like the Philips long life 250-watt bulbs.

“American DJ has had great success with DMX scanners that offer a full complement of features at a smart, affordable price, such as our Scan 250,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Cos. “Now with the new Deluxe Scan 250 and Performance Scan 250, we have added Philips bulbs, a name recognized for the highest quality. This is a perfect example of how we are constantly striving to enhance the value of our products and give our customers more for their dollar.”

A 4-DMX-channel unit, the Deluxe Scan 250 is equipped with 11 brilliant colors plus white and 9 exciting gobo patterns plus spot. It features a 19° beam angle, which will create large spot/gobo patterns on the dance floor in low ceiling installations.

With 6 DMX channels, the Performance Scan 250 offers some amazing extra features, such as replaceable rotating gobos, and both clockwise and counter-clockwise color and gobo scrolling. Additionally, it comes with a high-speed shutter for strobing and dimming in every color. The Performance Scan 250 features 11 colors plus white, 7 gobos plus spot, and an 18° beam angle.

Both scanners utilize a high luminous parabolic reflector system that enhances the blazing brightness of their colors. Both also come with a high-velocity fan that keeps them cool all night, so they can be run continuously with no duty cycles.

In addition to being operated with any standard DMX controller, the Deluxe Scan 250 and Performance Scan 250 can be run in stand-alone mode as sound active effects that move to built-in programs. Multiple units can also be linked together master-slave for a coordinated light show.

Other features on the Deluxe Scan 250 and Performance Scan 250 include: a 4-digit LED display, self-test setting, and manual focus. Each fixture weighs 24 lbs., and measures 10.25”L x 11.75”W x 25.5”H.

The Deluxe Scan 250 and Performance Scan 250 each come with a ZB-EHJ5 lamp with a 24-volt, 250-watt 500-hour long life Philips bulb. The suggested retail price of the Deluxe Scan 250 is $499.95. The suggested retail price of the Performance Scan 250 is $579.95.

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