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American DJ New Mega Bar 50

Published Mar 9, 2009
American DJ Mega Bar RGB

American DJ has added a new, smaller-size model to its popular Mega Bar series of LED color bars. Like the company’s original Mega Bar LED, the new Mega Bar 50 RGB is an ultra-bright DMX-compatible indoor RGB mixing bar that creates smooth, rich color washes on walls, stages and performers. But at 1.5 feet in length, it’s half the size of the original 1-meter Mega Bar � and less than half the price!

The trimmed-down size makes the Mega Bar 50 RGB great for smaller venues and spaces, while the lower price tag puts this amazing LED color-mixing bar within reach of budget-conscious DJs, bands and clubs.   But even though it’s “mini” sized, the Mega Bar 50 RGB delivers all the benefits of the series’ advanced LED technology, such as the ability to create any color via RGB mixing and a very low heat output that will keep performers cooler and more comfortable on stage.

“After introducing our very successful original Mega Bar LED, we were getting requests from smaller customers for a similar LED color bar that was scaled to meet their size and budget needs,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Simply put, they didn’t need � or in some cases the space couldn’t accommodate -- a bar that was one meter long. So we cut the length and number of lamps in half, while still using the same high-output 10mm red, green and blue LEDs. The Mega Bar 50 RGB offers the same performance and features as the original unit, even though it’s smaller and costs a lot less.” 

Equipped with a total of 126 10mm LEDs (42 red, 42 green and 42 blue), the Mega Bar 50 RGB offers the same lamp density � and brilliance � as its larger cousin. It can be used with a DMX controller to blend an infinite palette of RGB-mixed colors and control other individual features, such as 0-100% dimming and a color strobe effect. Operators can choose from 7 DMX channel modes, depending on which features they wish to control.

The Mega Bar 50 RGB can also produce a rainbow of colors and other eye-popping effects without a DMX controller, thanks to its exciting built in programs and 6 stand-alone operating modes. In Color Mode, you can select any one of its 32 different colors to remain static, while in Color Change Mode or Color Fade Mode, the fixture will scroll through, or fade in an out of, all the colors at the speed you specify. The unit will run through both color change and color fade programs in Auto Mode. There’s also an RGB Mode that lets you create your own color by adjusting RGB intensity, and a Sound Active Mode that triggers the fixture to chase to the beat of the music. Additionally, multiple Mega Bar 50 RGB units can be linked together Master-Slave via 3-pin XLR for an expandable color wash effect.

With long-life LEDs rated at 100,000 hours, the Mega Bar 50 RGB virtually eliminates the expense and hassle of lamp replacement. Users will also save on energy costs and be able to run more units on a single electrical circuit, because the LEDs draw such little power � just 18W at full use. Another benefit of the unit’s LEDs, cool running temperature, eliminates the heat emitted onto stage performers by traditional lighting and allows the color bar to be run all night with no duty cycles.

Featuring a 30° beam angle, the Mega Bar 50 RGB includes a 4-button LED display on the rear panel, which makes it easy for users to navigate through the menu options. Convenient mounting brackets are also included with the unit.

Lightweight and easy to transport, the Mega Bar 50 RGB weighs just 3 lbs. and measures 22”L x 2.5”W x 4”H. It features multi-voltage operation: 90-240V, 50/0Hz. The MSRP of the Mega Bar 50 RGB is $259.95.

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