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American DJ Mega Pixel Arch Unveiled

Published Nov 14, 2008

Why settle for the Golden Arches, when now you can have arches in every conceivable color under the sun! American DJ has introduced the Mega Pixel Arch, an amazing new DMX-controllable LED chasing effect that has the unique shape of an arch and produces electrifying chase patterns in a spectrum of brilliant colors.

Measuring 28” long, and containing a total of 288 high-output 5 mm LEDs (96 each red, green and blue), the Mega Pixel Arch is great for DJs, clubs and bands who want to put on a thrilling, roller-coaster-ride of a light show. Its LEDs are arranged in 24 color banks of 12 LEDs, which can be set in motion with onboard strobe, chase and color-mix effects at various speeds ranging from fast to slow. Add 0-100% electronic dimming, which can be applied to the red, green and blue LEDs independently, and you’re on your way to creating the ultimate breathtaking joy ride in LED light shows!

A stunning chase effect when used alone, the linkable Mega Pixel Arch is even more impactful when used together with other units to create circles, waves and other eye-popping shapes. It can also be linked to its namesake effect, American DJ’s Mega Pixel LED, an elongated bar effect with similar banks of chasing red, green and blue LEDs. Light show designers will find an erector set of possibilities for hooking up various configurations of arch-shaped Mega Pixel Arches and bar-shaped Mega Pixel LEDs -- their imagination being the only limit! The Mega Pixel Arch and Mega Pixel LED are also great for creating attention-grabbing marquees to highlight displays, retail areas and trade show booths.

Using a DMX controller with the Mega Pixel Arch provides even more sophisticated levels of control, allowing operators to blend their own customized colors via RGB color mixing. The versatile Mega Pixel Arch can be operated in 7 DMX channel modes – 3, 4, 7, 10, 16, 24 or 28 channels – for different degrees of control. The 28-channel mode allows you to control each bank of red, green and blue LEDs independently, and create highly intricate, advanced chases and color mixes.

But even the non-DMX-initiated will be able to produce mind-blowing chase patterns with the user-friendly Mega Pixel Arch. The arch can be run to its exciting built-in strobe, chase and color-mix programs in Sound Active Mode. As another alternative, the Mega Pixel Arch can be operated with American DJ’s easy-to-use UC3 remote controller (sold separately), which at the flick of a switch, gives command over strobe speed, chase speed, color mix speed and blackout.

“With all its features, brilliant colors and chases, it may be hard to believe that the Mega Pixel Arch is also an eco-friendly ‘green’ effect,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. Yet, noted Davies, the arch’s 288 LEDs consume a mere 31W of power at full usage, saving on electric bills and allowing more units to be run on a single circuit than would be possible with conventional halogen effects.

The Mega Pixel Arch’s LEDs offer other advantages too, such as their long 100,000-hour running life, which eliminates the hassle and expense of lamp replacement, and low heat output for comfort and convenience. The unit can be run all night without duty cycles, and it can be packed away after use without a long cool-down period. Its LEDs also produce vibrant colors that don’t fade over time and look great with or without fog.

The Mega Pixel Arch includes a convenient 4-button LED operational display, along with an AC outlet on the rear for daisy chaining power. It features multi-voltage operation, 120V-240V AC, 50/60Hz, and comes with hanging brackets for easy mounting. Easily transportable, the unit weighs just 7 lbs. and measures 28”L x 7.75”W x 5.75”H.

The MSRP of the Mega Pixel Arch is $499.95.

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