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American DJ LED FX Pak II

Published Mar 12, 2009
American DJ LED FX Pak II

As working DJs and musicians make the big switch to LED lighting and special effects, American DJ has come up with an easy, economical way for mobile entertainers to become part of this growing revolution. The company has introduced the LED FX Pak II, an affordable combo package of four easy-to-use LED effects that provides mobile entertainers with an instant plug-and-play lightshow.

The LED FX Pak II brings together American DJ’s:
q       Revo I, a compact multicolored intelligent moonflower featuring eye-popping red, green, blue and white LEDs.
q       Electra LED, a powerful LED version of the company’s classic scanning moonflower.
q       TRI Pearl LED, a high-output DMX moonflower that uses advanced Tri Color Technology to mix 7 different colors of rich, highly saturated LED beams.
q       B6B LED, a classic American DJ police beacon effect gone LED.

Each unique effect within the bundle was chosen by American DJ to coordinate with the others, resulting in a well-tuned ensemble of 4 striking multicolor LED effects that complement each other perfectly.

LEDs provide benefits that go beyond their stunning visual appeal. Users of the LED FX Pak II will save money, because energy-efficient LEDs draw less power and eliminate bulb replacements with their extremely long life (50,000�100,000 hours). Additionally, LED lamps don’t give off nearly as much heat as halogen, so they keep a cooler temperature on the dance floor and can run all night without duty cycles. And, because of their low power draw, more units can be operated on a single circuit.

“This is an incredibly tight quartet of terrific-looking LED lighting effects that won’t empty out your savings account,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “The LED FX Pak II is an easy and affordable way for DJs, small clubs, musicians or performers of any kind to join the ongoing LED effects revolution. Now, virtually everyone can get onboard with the brilliant colors, bright output, low power draw, low heat production and long lamp life that come with LED technology. And the complete system is so easy to set up, it’s ready to go right out of the box.”

The Revo I is a brilliant, multicolor moonflower that features cutting-edge white LEDs � an original American DJ innovation � for a truly ly unique-looking effect. Adding white LEDs to the standard RGB mix of red, green and blue LEDs really jazzes up the intensity of all the colors produced by this highly advanced unit. The Revo I is such a groundbreaking effect, it won the highly exclusive Crystal Disc Award from DJZone in 2007.

Since LED lamps can be turned off and on individually, the Revo I’s built-in programs are capable of creating a variety of breathtaking chases and patterns that are more exciting than those produced by halogen effects � and they look great with or without a fog machine. A powerful unit with an output equivalent to a 250W halogen fixture, the Revo I covers a large area with its wide beam spread and operates in 4 different modes: DMX, sound active, master-slave or via remote controller (sold separately). It measures 9” x 11.5” x 8” and weighs only 3 lbs.

An LED version of a popular ADJ classic, the Electra LED is a scanning mirrored moonflower that uses 46 colored LEDs and a special glass optical system to create sharp red, green and blue beams of light. The sound-activated moonflower uses built-in programs to project intense LED patterns on the walls and dance floor, covering a large area with its wide beam spread. The Electra LED provides an awesome amount of light output � similar to that of a 250W halogen lamp based on side-by-side visual comparison � but it consumes very little power. The unit measures 17” x 8” x 9” and weighs 5 lbs.

The Tri Pearl LED is one of American DJs exclusive “3-in-1” Tri-LEDs, an advanced 9-watt diode that is comprised of three different color 3-watt LEDs (a red, a green, and a blue). Thanks to a special RGB color mixing process that’s performed within each individual lamp, the innovative Tri Pearl LED can create a spectrum of 7 rich color effects: red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan and white. This is much greater color variety than can be produced using conventional single-color RGB LEDs and represents a major leap over conventional LED moonflowers. The Tri Pearl LED casts incredibly bright, razor-sharp beams across dance floors and walls, and it looks great with or without the use of fog. Dimmer/strobe, color and rotation are all controllable via standard DMX-512. Sporting a sleek, high-tech case design, the sound-activated unit measures 9” x 11.75” x 8” and weighs 3 lbs.

The B6B LED police beacon offers plenty of arresting features, including 56 bright blue LEDs, 6 operational modes and 7 rotation speeds (both selectable via dipswitches), and 3 built-in mounting plates for secure placement. It represents the next generation of beacons using LED technology. Flashing like it belongs on the hood of a speeding squad car, the B6B LED keeps the party rocking in “emergency” mode all night. It measures 6.25” x 6.25” x 7” and weighs just 1.5 lbs.

The complete LED FX Pak II provides an entire light show of fantastic LED effects at the low suggested retail price of just $559.95. “This great package is just another example of American DJ’s commitment to leading the way in this exciting new world of LED technology,” Davies said. “It represents a great savings over purchasing the four units separately and provides an increased value to the end-user.”

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