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American DJ Introduces Upgraded Accu Spot 250 II

Published Aug 30, 2005

American DJ has taken DMX control to a new level of “control” with the Accu Spot 250 II. An upgraded version of ADJ’s popular Accu Spot 250 automated moving head, the Accu Spot 250 II puts greater command at the lighting user’s fingertips with many innovative new features that make controlling a light show easier than ever, including Remote DMX Addressing (RDMX).


The new RDMX feature gives users the ability to change the Accu Spot 250 II’s DMX values remotely, from any DMX console. This means you no longer have to go to the fixture itself to modify its DMX values, but can perform this operation from the convenience of your light board.


“The Accu Spot 250 II’s RDMX feature will make life a lot easier for lighting operators,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Often lights are strung on high trussing, so if you wanted to change their DMX values, you would have to climb up on a ladder. But now you can do this much faster and more easily without leaving your DMX lighting controller.”


In addition to RDMX addressing, the Accu Spot 250 II has a slew of other new features that lighting users will appreciate. One of these is an improved 4-button menu system that makes accessing and navigating the menu an easier and clearer process. A new glass gobo has also been added to the unit, so that it now comes equipped with two glass gobos instead of one (out of a total of 7 gobos plus spot).


The dimming function on the Accu Spot 250 II has also been made smoother than ever. Users now have the option to run the unit in 8-channel or 9-channel DMX, with the added channel being an independent dimmer. This new feature, along with the addition of “double blade” shutter, allows for very smooth 0-100% dimming.


Yet another handy upgrade is Auto Respositioning, which will automatically restore the fixture to its original position should it accidentally get bumped. American DJ is also offering a new optional 19° beam angle lens for the Accu Spot 250 II (sold separately), which will create large spot/gobo patterns on the dance floor in low ceiling installations.


Additionally, the Accu Spot 250 II -- which is part of American DJ’s Accu 250 lighting series -- has been made more compatible with two other fixtures in the series. Its gobo and color wheels are now a perfect match to those on the Accu Scan 250 and the Accu Roller 250, a multi color/gobo scanner and barrel mirror scanner respectively. This allows the Accu Spot 250 II to be easily synchronized in a light show with other Accu 250 effects.


“Our Accu 250 series is a very popular line of professional 250-watt intelligent fixtures that can either be run with a DMX controller or as stand-alone sound active effects,” said Davies. “Now that the Accu Spot 250 II’s colors and gobos correspond to those on the Accu Scan 250 and Accu Roller 250, it’s a snap to put on a coordinated light show using the three effects together.”


Along with its upgrades, the Accu Spot 250 II offers the terrific features that made its predecessor so popular. It is equipped with 7 replaceable gobos plus spot (including the two glass gobos) and 9 colors plus white. The gobo and color wheels operate independently so that endless combinations can be created. The Accu Spot 250 II also features an exciting gobo shake effect and a gobo scroll mode.


As a moving head, the Accu Spot 250 II has a sweeping, room-covering range of movement of 360° pan and 265° tilt. Fast, smooth and precise, it is equipped with auto X-Y repositioning and high-quality stepper motors.


The Accu Spot 250 II includes a smart sense that enables the units to automatically recognize if they are in DMX or Master/Slave mode. It comes with a high velocity cooling fan, so it can be operated all night with no duty cycle. As part of its upgrades, the fixture now has a new multi-voltage transformer: 100V/120V/230V/240V, 50/60Hz.


The Accu Spot 250 II comes with an MSD-250/2 bright 250-watt discharge lamp with a 3,000 hour long life. It measures 13.5”L x 14”W x 19.5”H and weighs 39 lbs. The manufacturers suggested retail price of the Accu Spot 250 II is $1,299.95.


A complete Accu Spot 250 II System is also available, which includes 4 Accu Spot 250 II units, 4 XLR Cables and 1 DMX Partner controller for $4,899.95 MSRP.

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