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American DJ Introduces On-The-Go Series

Published Sep 23, 2006

Now anywhere there’s an electrical plug, there can be a terrific light show – thanks to American DJ’s new On-The-Go Series of plug-n-play effects. Consisting of seven easy-to-use mobile fixtures, the On-The-Go Series takes the basic plug-n-play effect into the next generation.

Designed for mobile DJs and entertainers, On-The-Go fixtures are ultra-affordable (most are under $140 MSRP) and lightweight (4-4.5 lbs.). Plus, they’re so simple to use – you just plug ’em in and let ’er rip -- that even a beginner can put on a disco-type lighting display.

But the best thing about the On-The-Go Series is that these aren’t your ordinary plug-n-players with wishy-washy beams of light. For starters, the fixtures have much-improved optics -- their 100-watt halogen lamps project so brightly and vividly that you don’t need a fog machine to make the colors and effects pop out at you. This makes the On-The-Go Series great for gigs where fog or haze can’t be used, such as many weddings.

Secondly, the effects produced by the On-The-Go fixtures go beyond your basic plug-and-play-type moving beams. Each of the seven fixtures simulates a stylish club effect, such as a kaleidoscope or flowing water image. DJs and entertainers will find a wide variety of visual looks to suit any occasion. And, as a group, the On-The-Go Series fixtures can provide a complete lighting toolchest for the mobile performer.

The seven fixtures in the On-The-Go Series are:

  • Fire Fox -- simulated flame effect
  • Color Expander – simulated beveled glass effect
  • Gobo Splash – simulated multi gobo effect
  • Hydro – simulated water effect
  • Krystal – simulated glass gobo effect
  • Icon – simulated gobo effect
  • Prismatic – simulated kaleidoscope effect

“The On-The-Go Series is designed for mobile DJs, entertainers and beginners who want an easy, effortless way to enhance their performance with great, professional-looking lighting effects,” said Scott Davies. “Really, nothing could be simpler!

“Plus, the series gives you an interesting variety of different effects – all at very budget-friendly prices. So it’s also a great way for professionals to revamp their lighting systems without having to shell out a lot of bucks,” Davies added.

Featuring high-velocity fans, the On-The-Go fixtures can be run continuously all night with no duty cycles. They come with manual focus and an attractive high-case design.

All of the On-The-Go fixtures are extremely compact and portable. Four of them – Fire Fox, Hydro, Icon and Prismatic – weigh just 3.9 lbs. and measure 10.71” x 7.16” x 9.49”. The other three – Color Expander, Gobo Splash, Krystal – weigh 4.41 lbs. The Color Expander and Krystal measure 10.47” x 5.59” x 5.67”. The Gobo Splash measures 13.18” x 9.84” x 7.48”.

Five On-The-Go fixtures have an MSRP of $139.95 each, including Color Expander, Fire Fox, Gobo Splash, Hydro, Krystal and Prismatic. The Icon has an MSRP of $149.95.

For more information, contact American DJ at 800-322-6337 or visit the website at E-mail:

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