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American DJ Introduces LED Par Cans

Published Nov 11, 2005

American DJ has cast a rainbow of new possibilities on the world of stage lighting by applying LED technology to par cans. The company’s revolutionary new DMX-compatible P36 LED and P64 LED Par Cans are equipped with light emitting diodes, allowing users to create virtually any color via RGB color mixing.

Unlike conventional par cans, which produce a limited number of colors using gel filters, the P36 LED and P64 LED’s RGB color mixing process combines red, green and blue LEDs to create any desired shade. The P64 LED is equipped with 151 LEDs (51 red, 49 green, 51 blue), and the P36 LED with 61 LEDs (21 red, 19 green, 21 blue).

With their cutting-edge RGB mixing, the P36 LED and P64 LED give users complete control over the color scheme of their lighting presentation, right from their DMX controller. Great for clubs, stage productions, concerts, churches, presentation ceremonies, displays and architectural applications, the P36 LED and P64 LED make it easy to design customized colors to set any mood or highlight any object or event.

“We believe that the P36 LED and the P64 LED will revolutionize stage and club lighting,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Not only do they offer incredible color possibilities via RGB color mixing, but they are also extremely easy to use. You can produce whatever colors you need right from your control board, without trimming, changing and handling gel filters.”

In addition to creating limitless colors, the P36 LED and P64 LED are very economical to operate. The fixtures run on low voltage, which makes them extremely energy efficient. The LED lamps also have an exceptionally long lifespan, saving users money on maintenance and lamp replacement.

Another big benefit of LED lighting is that the fixtures operate with limited UV emission, producing very low heat. This makes them great for stage applications, because they help maintain a comfortable temperature on stage for musicians and performers. What’s more, the P36 LED and P64 LED will not cause fading and discoloration when placed near an object, so they’re ideal for highlighting displays and exhibits, as well as for close-range architectural applications.

Practical and versatile, the P36 LED and P64 LED can be operated in three different modes: Auto Mode, Sound Active Mode or DMX Control Mode.

In the Auto Mode, the P36 LED and P64 LED will automatically display a smoothly scrolling chase of colors, the rate of which can be controlled via a speed knob on the unit. In the Sound Active Mode, the units will react to the music and display color chases through different built-in programs.

The third option to operate the units is the DMX Control Mode. With 6 DMX channels, users can control each individual fixture’s traits using a standard DMX-512 controller. In this mode, the electronic 0-100 percent dimming and the RGB color mixing will allow users to adjust the brightness of each color, the bright/dim sequencing of the colors, the color mixing and the strobing to create a show completely customized to their needs.

The two new LED par cans differ in size and application, with the P36 LED being the smaller. The P36 LED is ideal for smaller stage performances as well as architectural and display applications. It therefore comes with both a hanging bracket and a metal tabletop mount, giving users the flexibility of positioning it above or below the illuminated object.

The P64 LED has a wider beam diameter designed for larger staging applications such as theatrical performances, church productions or concerts. The fixture comes with a hanging bracket that can support suspended applications. Both fixtures come in black.

The P36 LED has a suggested retail price of $159.95, and the P64 LED has a suggested retail price of $279.95.For more information, contact American DJ at 800-322-6337 or visit the website at www.americandj.com

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