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American DJ Introduces High-Quality, Economic Eco Fog Juice

Published Sep 10, 2009
American DJ Fog

Just in time for Halloween, American DJ has introduced a high-quality fog juice that won’t put a dark cloud on your budget. The company’s new water-based Eco Fog Juice is very economically priced, yet utilizes high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-approved ingredients typically found in more expensive products.

With Halloween approaching, Eco Fog Juice is great for spooky parties and haunted houses, where fog machines are used to create spine-chilling atmospheres, “graveyard” mists and creepy, ghostlike hazes. It’s also a perfect all-purpose fog juice that will produce a clean, white mist ideal for creating and enhancing the visibility of light beams and intensifying the colors of special effects lighting in laser shows, clubs, stage and theatre productions, and bands any time of the year.

Available 1-quart and 1-gallon sizes, Eco Fog Juice is very budget-friendly, with suggested retail prices of just $11.95 (quart) and $21.95 (gallon). The 1-quart bottle comes in an attractive four-color, full-graphic box featuring photos of some of the spectacular effects that Eco Fog Juice can produce. 

“Our Eco Fog Juice is attractively priced, yet it contains only the highest-quality, purest FDA-approved ingredients,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It produces the cleanest fog and prevents a lot of the residue build-up that you get with lesser-quality fog juice, which can sometimes clog the fogger’s intake valve and cause lower fog output or even damage the machine. 

“In today’s economy, everyone’s looking to save a dollar,” added Davies. “By developing Eco Fog Juice, American DJ is responding to our customers’ needs for products that are economical without sacrificing quality – something we have always been committed to doing.”

Eco Fog Juice can be used with any water-based fog machine, including American DJ’s popular Fog Array, Fog Storm 1200HD and 1700HD, and the Mini-Fog. Because there is no oily residue, the fog machine stays cleaner for longer periods of time

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