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American DJ Introduces H2O 250

Published Jun 17, 2005

When it was first introduced, American DJ’s H2O made a big splash in the DJ-club world, with its unique rippling effects that resembled flowing water. Now ADJ has launched the next wave in water simulation effects with the all-new H2O 250, a brighter, 250-watt version of the original with upgraded features – at a lower price!

Like its popular predecessor, the H2O 250 is a great background mood effect for lounges and intimate club areas, turning them into a sea of tranquility with its soothing flowing colored patterns. It’s also ideal for creating a spacey, psychedelic atmosphere at retro ’60s and ’70s parties, mesmerizing guests to “go with the flow.”

On the new, upgraded H2O 250, the wave-like patterns and colors are even more vivid and brilliant than before. Not only does the fixture have a higher-output 250-watt halogen lamp, its optic system has also been improved to enhance brightness and color saturation.

The H2O 250 has been given a number of other upgrades, designed to make life easier for mobile DJs. It’s equipped with a new electronic transformer, which makes the unit more lightweight and easier to carry from gig to gig. Additionally, the case now features high-tech protective plastic end molds, which safeguard against nicks and dents during transit.

A larger cooling fan has also been added, allowing the H2O 250 to be run continuously all night with no duty cycles. Another new, convenient feature is circuit breaker protection, which eliminates the need to change fuses.

The H2O 250 puts a rainbow of color options at the user’s fingertips, featuring 8 vibrant colors plus white. The unit can be run in two operational modes, seamless color scrolling or static color operation – so DJs and clubs can set the right mood for any room or event.

Perhaps the best news of all is that, with all its features and upgrades, the H2O 250 is more affordable than ever. The suggested retail price of the unit is just $199.95.

“With its many improvements and lower price, the H2O 250 represents an even greater value than its predecessor,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It’s an excellent example of how we at American DJ are always working to perfect our products to give DJs and clubs more for their money.”

The H2O 250 comes with an LL-ELC 24-volt 250-watt lamp. Compact and portable, it measures 12.5”L x 11”W x 9.5”H, and weighs 11 lbs.

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