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American DJ Introduces GP-250

Published Mar 2, 2006

American DJ’s new GP-250 will put partygoers and club patrons “in the mood” -- whatever the mood calls for. A 250-watt DMX professional gobo projector, the GP-250 casts brilliant, vibrant patterns on walls and other room surfaces, allowing you to create any desired image at clubs, discos, bars, parties, weddings and corporate events.

What makes this high-output mood effect especially well suited for professional DJs and emcees is that it utilizes an economical halogen lamp. This feature makes the GP-250 extremely affordable – and will put users in a good mood too.

The GP-250 comes with 5 rotating glass gobos, which create beautiful multi-colored patterns with a rich, marble-like texture. The gobos are replaceable, allowing you to substitute your own customized images, logos, names or any design you wish, to personalize any event.

“The GP-250 is really a versatile effect. You can use it for everything from creating exciting patterns on the dance floor, to projecting the name of a wedding couple or a corporate logo,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies.

“With 250 watts of output, the GP-250 produces bright, vivid images, yet its halogen lamp makes it very affordable,” Davies added. “It’s a ‘must-have’ effect for any professional DJ, emcee or other entertainer who wants to be able to create just the right mood for any occasion.”

For added excitement, the GP-250 includes a Gobo Shake effect. It also features 0-100% dimming, and it comes with a high-velocity fan that keeps it cool enough to run all night, so you won’t have to “interrupt the mood” by shutting down for duty cycles.

Equipped with 4 DMX channels, the GP-250 can be operated with any universal DMX controller. Featuring 8 built-in programs, it can also be run stand-alone in sound active mode or master-slave in multiples. A convenient Smart Sense feature automatically recognizes whether the unit is in DMX or master-slave mode. When the GP-250 isn’t being operated via DMX, American DJ’s Mini/C Controller (sold separately) can be used to control blackout.

The GP-250 casts a 20° beam angle. Its gobos are 32 mm in diameter, with a viewing area of 27 mm.

The unit includes a ZB-EHJ/5 long-life 500-hour, 24-volt 250-watt halogen lamp. It features multi-voltage operation (100V, 120V, 230V, 240V), so it’s versatile enough to be used around the world.

Featuring a sleek, contoured compact design, the GP-250 is ideal for mobile use. It measures just 13”L x 12”w x 9”H, and weighs 22 lbs. The suggested retail price of the GP-250 is $459.95.

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