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American DJ Introduces Fantasy Scan 250

Published Jan 6, 2006

American DJ’s intelligent 250-watt 3D pattern projector, the Fantasy 250, has been a tremendously popular club fixture, thanks to its unusual multi-color kaleidoscopic effects. Enthralled with its unique glass-like patterns, lighting users had been wishing for the company to take the projector a step further and turn it into a scanner – so that its psychedelic images could dance all around the room, rather than just project in designated spots.

Now American DJ has turned this fantasy into a reality. The company has introduced the Fantasy Scan 250, a high-powered 250-watt effect that creates the same brilliant multi-color textured glass patterns as the Fantasy 250, but with the added excitement of X-Y mirror scanner movement. Not only does the Fantasy Scan 250 project its mind-blowing three-dimensional images on walls and surfaces, it actually sweeps them across an entire room or dance floor.

“The new Fantasy Scan 250 takes our very successful Fantasy 250 to the next level,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It’s equipped with the same textured glass patterns, but we’ve built an X-Y mirror into it, so it’s got the sweeping movement of a scanner instead of being just a projector.”

A great mood effect for clubs and lounges, the Fantasy Scan 250 produces richly-textured ornamental patterns in stunning color combinations that resemble works of art. It comes with one gobo, 4 textured glass patterns, and 8 dichroic colors plus white. The gobo and textured glass are replaceable, giving users the versatility of adding their own images.

Featuring a prism mirror, the Fantasy Scan 250 can spin its colorful ornate images forward or backward. For added excitement, the unit includes a strobe effect and a gobo shake effect.

Part of American DJs Accu 250 Series, the Fantasy Scan 250 comes with a 250-watt discharge lamp and crisp optical system for exceptionally bright, high-definition images. Like other fixtures in the Accu 250 Series, the 5-channel unit can be operated with any universal DMX controller, but also looks great when run in stand-alone sound-active mode. It features an impressive assortment of 10 built-in programs for use as a stand-alone fixture.

“Our Accu 250 Series, which includes fixtures like the Accu Spot 250 II and Accu Wash 250, has been very popular with lighting users,” said Davies. “It creates ultra-bright effects, and allows you to put on a very professional light show with or without a DMX controller. The Fantasy Scan 250 is a great addition to the Accu 250 Series, whether used by itself or in complement with other effects in the series.”

Other features of the Fantasy Scan 250 include: a 30-degree beam angle, manual full-focusing, and smooth stepper motors. Additionally, the Fantasy Scan 250 is equipped with a large, high-velocity fan, which keeps it cool enough to run continuously all night, without on/off duty cycles.

The Fantasy Scan 250 features multi-voltage operation (98V, 120V, 208V, 230V and 255V). It comes with a 50-watt discharge lamp with a 3000-hour life. The unit weighs 28 lbs., and measures 22.5”L x 15”W x 11”H.

The suggested retail price of the Fantasy Scan 250 is $999.99.

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