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American DJ Introduces Electra LED Moodflower Effect

Published Sep 12, 2007

American DJ continues to lead the LED revolution among DJs, clubs and bands with the introduction of an LED version of another of its classic moonflower effects. Inspired by the popular Electra 250, the new Electra LED is a scanning mirror moonflower using red, green and blue LEDs that produce razor-sharp beams.

The Electra LED contains 46 total LEDs, 16 Red, 15 Green, and 15 Blue, which provide amazing brightness and rich, saturated colors that won’t fade. In a visual comparison, the light output of the Electra LED is similar to that of a 250-watt halogen bulb, while drawing much less power and offering all the other benefits of LED technology.

Traditional halogen moonflowers can’t deliver an eye-popping lightshow like the Electra LED. In addition to the brilliance of its LEDs, a glass optical system with new lens technology enhances the sharpness and clarity of its beams, while a wide beam spread allows the fixture to cover a large area. The colorful LED patterns can be projected onto a dance floor or a wall. Sound-active with built-in programs, the Electra LED is virtually ready to go as soon as it’s plugged in.

“LED technology is changing the DJ and club lighting industry,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “American DJ is committed to making this technology available to working DJs, bands and clubs by creating affordable, easy-to-use LED versions of our popular fixtures. Now users can have classic American DJ moonflowers and club effects with all the benefits that LED technology provides.”

Among the many benefits of LEDs are low heat output, which keeps the Electra LED cool enough to run all night, eliminating duty cycles altogether. Dancers or performers also stay cooler without the lights radiating heat. Additionally, thanks to its minimal heat production, the Electra LED doesn’t need to cool before packing, making it ideal for mobile entertainers. LED technology also provides longer lamp life, rated at 100,000 hours, removing the hassle—and expense—of bulb replacement. And LEDs consume less power, which not only saves money on electric bills, but also allows more units to be connected together in a single circuit.

Lightweight and portable, the Electra LED is perfect for DJs and mobile entertainers. Weighing in at only 5 lbs, the Electra LED can go practically anywhere. The Electra LED measures 17”Lx 8”Wx 9”H and comes with a hanging bracket. It has a very affordable suggested retail price of only 159.95.

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