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American DJ Gobo Projector LED Is Projection Perfection!

Published Jul 21, 2010
american Dj Gobo Projector

There’s no better way for DJs, clubs, retailers and event organizers to create a potent image than with the new Gobo Projector LED from American DJ. Whether you want to convey a promotional message, spotlight retail merchandise, or simply create stunning visual effects, this compact, affordable projector will do the job “brilliantly” by casting an incredibly bright, powerful gobo image that instantly commands attention.

The Gobo Projector LED’s image shines with remarkable brightness because the unit utilizes an ultra-high-power white 10W LED as its light source. So powerful is the beam (540 Lux @ 3 meters) that the image looks sharp and clear even without fog, making the Gobo Projector LED ideal for venues and events where smoke effects can’t be used. Yet despite its high output, its LED lamp generates very low heat, so the room temperature will remain cool and comfortable wherever it’s used.

An instant way to make any event or occasion more festive, the Gobo Projector LED comes with 4 color gels – red, green, blue and yellow (plus white) – and 4 replaceable gobo images. Three of the gobos contain themed messages for some of the most common types of gigs DJs perform at: “Happy Birthday,” “Party Time,” and “Congratulations” (with image of bride and groom). The fourth gobo is a classic pattern that will add eye-popping excitement to any special effects light show.

Customized gobo images (sold separately) can also be used with the Gobo Projector LED, for example, to advertise a drink special, promote a merchandise sale, or project a business’s name -- the possibilities for this versatile projector are limited only by your imagination! The unit’s easy-access design makes gobo replacement a snap.

“Anyone who does any type of projection lighting will find the Gobo Projector LED one of the handiest, most useful lights they can own,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It adds to the festivities at any party or special occasion, plus it’s an excellent advertising tool and great for corporate and retail events.

“As an LED-powered unit, it also offers a lot of advantages over conventional halogen gobo projectors, such as a sharper beam that doesn’t require fog, a lower power draw, cooler operation, and low maintenance requirements. It’s also very compact and lightweight, which makes it ideal for mobile use, and it’s extremely affordable.”

Rated at 30,000 hours, the Gobo Projector LED’s 10-watt LED light source lasts far longer than a conventional halogen lamp, eliminating the hassle and expense of lamp replacement. The unit also consumes less energy than a halogen projector, drawing only 12 watts of electricity maximum, making it a “green” effect whatever color gel is used!.

Featuring a 13° beam angle, the Gobo Projector LED includes a Manual Focus, as well as an FX Switch on the rear panel for selecting either static operation or slow rotation of the gobo. The gobo itself has a diameter of 26.8mm with a 24mm viewable area.

Lightweight and compact for easy portability, the Gobo Projector LED measures 8.75”L x 8”W x 4.25”H/218 x 200 x 108mm and weighs just 7 lbs./3 kg. A built-in hanging bracket with a safety hook allows for quick and secure installation, and switchable voltage -- AC120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz -- makes the unit adaptable enough to be used virtually anywhere.

The MSRP of the Gobo Projector LED is $209.95.

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