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American DJ Gem Shines in LED

Published Jan 23, 2009
American DJ Tri-Gem

American DJ’s landmark Gem effect revolutionized DJ lighting when it originally came out as one of the first truly affordable, easy to operate sound-activated lights. Now this wildly popular classic is leading another breakthrough in its newest incarnation as the Tri Gem LED, a powerful 3W LED plug-n-play effect for DJs that creates a full range of eye-popping colors at a great price point.

With an amazingly low MSRP of $89.95, the new Tri Gem LED does more than just revive an awesome vision from the past. This compact little beauty points the way to the future of affordable lighting effects by making American DJ’s exclusive new Tri LED Technology accessible to DJs, bands, mobile entertainers and even party hosts. That means being able to produce LED beams in a rainbow of colors, smooth color mixing, and rich saturated colors that don’t fade or require fog –all now within the reach of an entirely new market segment of lighting users. Plus, this updated and highly enhanced version of the Gem offers all the great value-added advantages of LEDs like low power draw, cool operation and an amazingly long lamp life of 100,000 hours.

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What makes American DJ’s new TRI Color LED Technology so exciting is that it gives LED fixtures like the Tri Gem LED the power to produce beams in a whole spectrum of different colors — not just the typical red, green and blue that LED effects could create in the past. Each LED lamp is actually a 3-in-1 lamp containing 3 different color LEDs (one red, one green and one blue). With this advanced tri-color LED diode, up to seven different colors can be created when the RGB beams are blended together. The Tri Gem LED can create red, green, blue, purple, cyan (light blue), yellow and white beams of light.

completely reinvented with Tri LED Technology

“With the release of the new Tri Gem LED, a classic cornerstone American DJ effect has been completely reinvented with Tri LED Technology,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Not only that, but we have managed to bring the price down to where the technology is affordable even to entry-level users. The end result is a win-win: more excitement and cooler color options for your partygoers, and much bigger bang for your buck!”

As its name suggests, the Tri Gem LED sparkles like a treasure chest full of precious stones. Featuring a powerful 3W Tri LED lamp, the effect produces a total of 23 sound-activated colored beams that dance and strobe to the beat of the music. For such a small and lightweight fixture, it has an incredibly bright output similar to a 250-watt halogen lamp and can fill large rooms with its brilliant light. It consumes very little electricity in comparison, with an impressive power rating of only 30 watts.

Designed to operate as a stand-alone unit, the Tri Gem LED is incredibly simple to use right out of the box. Just plug it in and let ’er rip — it doesn’t even require a power switch. Since the Tri Gem LED runs according to its own exciting internal programs, there is never any need for a lighting controller, just as with the original Gem. The Tri Gem LED’s sensitivity to sound can be tweaked by adjusting using a special knob located on the rear of the unit. Once the proper level is set, you can run it all night long, without ever having to pause for duty cycles, thanks to the cool operation of its LED diode.

Highly portable and built for durability, the Tri Gem LED measures 8.75”L x 5.5”W x 5.5”H and weighs only 4 lbs. It comes equipped with its own convenient built-in hanging yoke.

The MSRP of the Tri Gem LED is $89.95

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