Sep 27, 2023

American DJ Endorses Arriba Cases

Published Dec 23, 2005

Arriba Cases created a buzz among DJs and VJs in 2005 when it introduced the first line of soft cases designed specifically for mobile lighting fixtures. Now the company has received another roar of approval, this time from a leading lighting manufacturer: Well-known supplier American DJ has announced its endorsement of Arriba Cases, calling them an affordable way for lighting users to protect their investment in gear.

“We are endorsing Arriba Cases and recommending them to users of our lighting products, because they are so affordable and convenient, yet at the same time offer a high degree of protection,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Arriba makes the only case of this type on the market today. These lightweight soft cases are ideal for DJs, VJs and working bands who want to keep their fixtures -- and budgets -- intact.”

Made of a durable synthetic material, soft, padded Arriba Cases protect mirrors, glass, lenses and fixture casing from scratches and damage during transport from gig to gig. Designed by a team with decades of experience in the mobile lighting industry, Arriba Cases are so unique that they’re patent pending.

The very affordable Arriba line features cases for a wide range of fixtures, from small lasers to centerpiece effects. They are designed to work with lighting products from all major suppliers.

For example, the Arriba model AC-135 can fit American DJ’s DJ Scan 250, Emerald Scan and Electra 250; Martin’s Mania SCX 500 and T-Rex; Chauvet’s Intimidator, as well as similar-sized fixtures from other manufacturers. The model AC-155 can hold products the size of the American DJ Avenger II, Chauvet Cyborg, Martin Ego Series, Omni Systems Rebus, TEI Maxima, and others with similar measurements. There’s even an Arriba case (model AC-150) designed for par can systems, which holds not only par cans, but also tripod stands, chase controllers and dimmer packs.

The stylish black cases, which sport an attractive color cube logo, have an extra wide mouth design that allows fixtures to be removed quickly and easily. They also feature convenient “view windows” that allow specific fixtures to be readily identified when packed inside. Another handy feature found in most Arriba Cases is a zipped pocket for storing extra lamps, clamps and other accessories.

“Arriba Cases offer a tremendous value for the dollar,” said Davies. “We feel Arriba will do for lighting cases what American DJ did for DJ lighting, which is to provide working pros with an affordable alternative to what’s previously been on the market.”

In addition to the U.S., Arriba Cases are available in Europe (details on and Canada.

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