Sep 29, 2023

American DJ Adds Variable-Speed Rotation

Published Jul 29, 2004

American DJ has put a brand new spin on its popular Flash Duo and Roto Balls lighting effects. The company has introduced upgraded versions of the two fixtures, the Flash Duo VS and Roto Balls VS, which are equipped with Variable Speed knobs to control their rates of rotation.

Part of American DJ’s budget-priced, user-friendly StarTec Series of non-commercial fixtures, the Flash Duo VS and Roto Balls VS are great for home parties, bands and mobile DJs. Now that they offer variable speed rotation, they deliver more lighting excitement and give users more control and versatility than ever before.

In addition to Variable Speed technology, the new Flash Duo VS and Roto Balls VS feature switches that change the direction of rotation from clockwise to counterclockwise, providing even greater variety and excitement. Plus, both units can be operated remotely—from the mixing board, stage or even the next room over—when used with American DJ’s Mini/C Controller (sold separately) or Wireless/C Controller (sold separately).

“Variable Speed control means that DJs have a wider range of options to choose from,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Now, with the Flash Duo VS and Roto Balls VS, DJs can change the rotation speed on the fly and set it to sync up perfectly with the beat of the music—resulting in more vibrant, professional-looking effects.”

The Flash Duo VS features dual heads that rotate to produce 104 bright white beams that flash to create a strobe-like shower of light. An additional variable speed knob is provided to control the strobe rate on this particular unit.

The Roto Balls VS, on the other hand, is a multi-color effect. It uses two spinning, multi-colored balls to create 104 rich, saturated, razor-sharp beams of light. Perfect for mobile DJs on the go, as well as home party hosts, both effects are compact, lightweight and incredibly easy to use.

“The Flash Duo VS and Roto Balls VS add the right amount of sizzle to any special event—whether you’re performing on stage with a band, spinning tunes in a small nightclub or kicking it in the family rec room,” Davies said. “Priced to fit just about anyone’s budget, they deliver a lot of excitement for the dollar.”

The Flash Duo VS has a suggested retail price of just $239.95. The unit measures 8.75”L x 21.75”W x 10.75”H. It weighs only 11 pounds and uses two 45-watt, 120-volt ZB-45 lamps.

The Roto Balls VS carries a low suggested retail price of $179.95. Like the Flash Duo VS, the fixture measures 8.75”L x 21.75”W x 10.75”H and weighs just 11 pounds. It uses two 200-watt, 120-volt LL-200 lamps.

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