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American DJ Adds Micro Hypnotic and Micro 3D

Published Nov 1, 2011
Micro Hypnotic and Micro 3D

Now DJs, bands and party hosts can bring the spectacular thrill of laser effects to any event or social gathering, no matter how small the space.  American DJ has added two new tiny red and green lasers to its Micro Series of mini laser effects: the Micro Hypnotic and Micro 3D, each equipped with one 30mW green laser and one 80mW red laser.

Arriving just in time for the holidays, each of these compact, affordable lasers weighs just 2 pounds (0.8 kg.) and is a mere 6 inches (149mm) in length.  Yet these petite powerhouses exude big-time star quality, creating sizzling red and green laser patterns that can be projected across walls, ceilings and floors for a stunning “VIP club”-type light show.

The Micro Hypnotic is an intriguing, mesmerizing effect that projects unique “web-like” laser patterns that appear as spidery layers of lace.  The Micro 3D, despite its small size, produces more than 200 laser beams that rotate back and forth, completely filling the space with razor-sharp daggers of light.

Great for DJs, mobile entertainers, small clubs, frat parties, school dances, holiday events and even home parties, the Micro Hypnotic and Micro 3D are safe and easy to operate.  Both units are compliant with FDA standards, assuring they can be used safely in any venue or environment.

Even novices and non-pros will find the Micro Hypnotic and Micro 3D a cinch to operate. Just turn the effects on and watch them run through their exciting built-in programs in Auto Mode. Or flick into Sound Active Mode, and the lasers will sync their movement to the beat of the music – and you’ll look like a professional lighting engineer!

To make things even easier, both units come with an RF Wireless Remote Control that lets you operate them from afar at the push of a button. Using the remote unit, you can select between Auto and Sound Mode, and control Blackout, Color Change (Red, Green Red+Green, Random), and Rotation (Clockwise, Counterclockwise, Random).

“The Micro Hypnotic and Micro 3D are the latest additions to our Micro Series lasers, which were designed to bring the excitement and ‘techno’ look of laser effects to everyone – even the smallest lighting user and non-pro party host,” said Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager of American DJ.  “The other fixtures in the series, the Micro Gobo, Micro Galaxian, and Micro Star have been so popular that we decided to expand the line with these two new models, which produce terrific laser effects, while being extremely compact, affordable, safe and easy to use.  We’re anticipating a strong demand for them, particularly as we head into the holiday party season.”

Both units are fan-cooled and include a dual bracket for floor-mounting or hanging overhead.  The Micro Hypnotic and Micro 3D also come with a UL-listed multi-voltage power supply: 12V DC 1000-240V, 50/60 Hz.

Dimensions of each unit are 6”L x 4.75”W x 2.5”H/ 149 x 110 x 60 mm, and weight is 2 lbs./ 0.8 kg.  The MSRP of the Micro Hypnotic is $159.95. The MSRP of the Micro 3D is $179.95.

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