Dec 7, 2023

American DJ Adds Color DMX Color Changer

Published Oct 14, 2004

First came the Concept:1 and Concept:2, two cutting-edge DMX combination scanner/laser effects from American DJ. Now the company has taken this “concept” a step further and added the Concept:Color, a DMX color changer with the same futuristic design theme as its popular cousins.


Made to match the styling and complement the intelligent-lighting functions of the Concept:1 and Concept:2, the new Concept:Color is the ideal fixture for DJs, clubs and bands who want the same great look and performance in a color changer. “The popularity of the Concept:1 and Concept:2 convinced us to add a color changer to the line, so that users could run an ensemble of matching effects,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies.


Like a futuristic “concept” car, the unique Concept:Color has an angular, high-tech chrome case that makes it resemble a small rocket ship. A powerful color changer, it offers 15 colors plus white, along with two prism-like quadras that split the light beam into four colors. As an added bonus, a removable Frost Filter lets DJs create a dreamy “wash” effect when desired.


The Concept:Color includes two DMX channels that can be conveniently hooked up to the same remote-controller as a Concept:1 or Concept:2. “This innovative new color changer works wonders when combined with our versatile Concept:1 and Concept:2 scanner/lasers,” said Davies. “We’re thrilled to welcome this sleekly designed, high-performance product into the American DJ family.”


In addition to DMX control, Concept:Color can be operated in sound-active mode, in which it will run to its own built-in programs as it chases to the beat of the music. Multiple Concept:Color units will sync up with each other when linked master–slave via XLR in/out.


A full focusing fixture, the Concept:Color offers electronic dimming control that ranges all the way from 0–100 percent. The fan-cooled unit features a 250-watt, 700-hour ZB-ELC7 halogen lamp that can be easily replaced thanks to a conveniently located access door.


Sharp and edgy in contour, the Concept:Color measures 12”L x 9”W x 13”H, and weighs just 13 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Concept:Color is $379.95.

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