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American DJ Accu UFO Moving Head Uses LEDs

Published Sep 30, 2008

American DJ has taken spinning saucer effects “LED-years” into the future with its new Accu UFO intelligent moving head. Like traditional club/DJ flying saucer effects, the Accu UFO is a rotating disc that spews out dozens of multi-color beams from lenses around its perimeter. But instead of being powered by a typical halogen lamp, it’s equipped with 32 8mm red, green, blue and white LEDs that consume a fraction of the energy, have a much longer 50,000-hour lamp life, and produce razor-sharp beams with or without fog – making it not only a technologically advanced fixture, but an earth-friendly one, too!

A member of American DJ’s acclaimed top-of-the-line Accu Series, the Accu UFO is a great centerpiece for clubs and discos, as well as an exciting stage effect for bands. As its saucer-shaped disc spins, the entire moving head rotates up to 540° pan/ 265° tilt at 8 or 16-bit resolution. The result is an incredibly dramatic effect projecting 32 amazingly bright, sharp LED beams that twist, turn, spin and rotate over an extremely wide area. And with easy-to-operate onboard strobe and pulse effects, you can add even more flash and splash at the flick of a switch!

Compatible with a standard DMX-512 controller, the Accu UFO features 10 DMX channels for controlling: pan, 16-bit pan, tilt, 16-bit tilt, pan/tilt speed, lens rotation, LED colors, chase speed and strobing. It can also be run without a controller in Sound Active mode; just turn it on, and it will chase to the music via 7 eye-popping built-in programs. Multiple units can also be linked together Master-Slave for a very large, spectacular in-sync light show.

With its combination of classic saucer effects and LED technology, the Accu UFO brings together two highly desirable elements for today’s lighting users, noted Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Just like American DJ’s popular saucer centerpiece effects of the past, such as the Mini Saucer and Orbitron, we believe the new Accu UFO is destined to become an instant club favorite,” said Davies.

“Flying saucer effects have been – and still are – incredibly popular,” Davies added. “The Accu UFO not only produces remarkable effects from a visual standpoint, it also gives you all the added advantages of LEDs, such as saving energy, because it requires very little power to operate. Its LEDs are also extremely long-lasting and can run for 50,000 hours without having to be replaced. So the Accu UFO is, essentially, a flying saucer effect with a ‘green,’ earth-friendly spin, which makes it great for today’s market.”

Another way the Accu UFO benefits from LED technology is in its cool operating temperature. Flying saucer effects have traditionally presented cooling issues in the past because of their flat disc shape, which makes it difficult to position a fan in close enough proximity to be effective. But this isn’t a problem with the Accu UFO, because its LEDs generate so little heat that it can run all night without duty cycles, while keeping conditions cooler and more comfortable on the dance floor.

The Accu UFO features 4 red, 4 green, 4 blue and 4 white LEDs, which project at a 40° beam angle and utilize special condenser lenses for added output and brightness. The fixture also includes: high-quality stepper motors for smooth microstepping; a bright 4-button control panel; and a convenient Smart Sense feature that allows it to instantly recognize whether it is in DMX or Master-Slave mode.

Measuring 16.75”L x 18”W x 14.25”W, the Accu UFO is very lightweight for a fixture of its movement and output, weighing just 27 lbs. The MSRP of the Accu UFO is $1,199.95.

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