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American DJ Accu Spot 300 Another Step

Published Feb 18, 2006

First came the highly successful Accu Spot 250, then the even more phenomenal Accu Spot 250 II. Now American DJ has once again upgraded this popular DMX moving head, introducing the Accu Spot 300.

An scaled-up version of this top-of-the-line club effect, the 250-watt Accu Spot 300 has all the amazing features of its predecessor, plus two exciting new ones: auto focusing via DMX, and a rotating 3-facet prism with macros.

The auto focusing feature lets users adjust the focus of the lens from their DMX controller, rather than having to go to the fixture itself. Not only is this a huge convenience, it also gives DJs and lighting directors more options for creating and manipulating FX, since they can do things like blur and sharpen gobo images on the fly.

The Accu Spot 300’s other new feature, the rotating 3-facet prism, adds a whole new eye-popping dimension to the unit’s visual excitement. The prism effect creates 3 images of the same gobo – allowing users to project their light show over a wider area. This prismatic replication of images is even more stunning when the Accu Spot 300 is used in multiples of, say, 4 units, to produce a dazzling display of 12 whirling gobos, covering an entire room or dance floor.

With its new features, the Accu Spot 300 offers DJs and clubs capabilities that are generally found only on more upper-end fixtures, said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Auto focusing, in particular, is something that’s typically offered only on much more expensive units,” said Davies.

“But we’re seeing a growing demand among DJs and club lighting directors for fixtures with more top-flight professional features,” Davies added. “For example, people were actually asking us for a prism effect. That’s why we upgraded our already very upscale Accu Spot 250 II and came out with the Accu Spot 300.”

Like its predecessor, the Accu Spot 300 is equipped with a glittering array of 9 colors plus white and 7 replaceable rotating gobos (including 2 glass gobos). Gobos and colors are on independent wheels, allowing an endless spectrum of combinations to be created. For even more variety, there’s a gobo scroll mode and a gobo shake effect.

An automated moving head, the Accu Spot 300 unit can pan a full 360° and tilt 265°, sweeping its effects across an entire venue. It comes with Auto X-Y Repositioning, which restores the fixture to its original position should it accidentally get moved or bumped.

Another very convenient feature is Remote DMX Addressing (RDMX), which lets users change DMX values remotely from their DMX console, without having to access the fixture itself. The RDMX feature is exclusive to the American DJ Group of Companies.

Equipped with 11 DMX channels, the Accu Spot 300 is part of American DJ’s Accu 250 Series of professional intelligent 250-watt fixtures that can either be run with a DMX controller, as stand-alone sound-active effects, or in Master-Slave Mode. Another user convenience is a Smart Sense feature that automatically senses whether the unit is in DMX or Master Slave Mode. The unit also includes a 4-button DMX menu system that makes it easy to navigate when in DMX Mode.

The Accu Spot 300 comes with a high-velocity fan that keeps it cool enough to run continuously all night without need for on-off duty cycles. Other features include: a 15° beam angle; high-quality stepper motors with micro stepping for smooth, precise movements; and an MSD-250/2 250-watt 3,000-hour discharge lamp.

The Accu Spot 300 weighs 39 lbs. and measures 13.5”L x 14”W x 19.5”H. The suggested retail price of the Accu Spot 300 is $1,499.95.

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