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Advanced Antari Z-1020 Fog Machine From Elation

Published Jun 1, 2006

Only Houdini himself could fit into more unusual positions than the Antari Z-1020 fog machine from Elation Professional. Featuring an innovative heating system that uses advanced Mirror Pipe technology, the 1,000-watt fogger has a flat horizontal shape that allows it to be positioned in multiple ways – on the ground, mounted on a wall, or carried by its handle -- to fit applications where a traditional fog machine cannot be used.


The Z-1020 fogger is part of the next-generation Z-Series II line recently unleashed by Antari, a company known throughout the industry for specializing in world-class-quality atmospheric effects. Like other Antari fog machines, the new Z-Series II line will be distributed in North America exclusively by Elation Professional.


Designed for special applications, the Z-1020 fogger is perfect for everything from stage shows and theatrical productions to theme parks or any tricky space where a conventional fog machine simply won’t fit. What’s more, the Z-1020 can be used to create extra-special effects that an ordinary fogger can’t produce. You can sit the machine on the ground and shoot smoke straight up like a volcano.


You can also easily mount the Z-1020 on the wall, without having to use a special bracket as required with other foggers. Thanks to the Z-1020’s unique design, it can be wall-mounted as quickly and simply as hanging a clock or picture. When mounted sideways on the wall, the unit generates well-blended, atmospheric fog that’s great for haunted houses and dance floors.


As a third alternative, you can carry the versatile Z-1020 by the handle like a regular fog machine to create fog in a traditional upright position.


Whatever the application, the Z-1020 will rise to the task, with its powerful smoke output of 10,000 cubic feet per minute. And, like other models in the Z-Series II, the Z-1020 features some major improvements, thanks to new cutting-edge technology from Antari’s renowned R&D team.


The unit has an all-new spiral-shaped heater made of stainless steel that transfers energy more efficiently. This results in an electricity savings of about 20% -- an important feature in today’s world of skyrocketing energy costs.


Other major improvements include a Thermo switch that automatically cuts power when the fogger overheats, preventing damage to the machine. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a low-fluid detector that cuts off power when the fog juice level gets too low.


“The Z-1020, along with the rest of the Z Series II, is the result of years of market surveys conducted by Antari’s R&D team,” said Eric Loader, Elation Professional’s director of sales. “The new design incorporates the most advanced fogging technology available plus a number of exceptional components that set Antari products above other brands on the market today.”


Another quality feature of the Z-1020 is its ECO thermal control system, which detects very slight drops in temperature and automatically re-heats the machine. This ultra-precise electronic thermostat keeps the unit at an exact temperature and allows for thinner, more consistent fog production instead of big black bursts of erratic smoke.


The Z-1020 includes an on-board DMX interface and comes with a wired toggle switch on/off remote controller. An optional Z-40 timer remote and Z-50 wireless remote (sold separately) are also available for purchase from Elation.


Sleek and compact, the Z-1020 weighs only 21 lbs. and measures 14.5"L x 11.75"W x 5.5"H. Its fog-juice tank capacity is 2.5 liters, and its fluid-consumption rate is 24 minutes per liter at 100 percent output.


The Antari Z-1020 fog machine carries a suggested retail price of $499.95.

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