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ADJ’s new Inno Pocket Scan and Inno Pocket Roll

Published Dec 12, 2014
ADJ Inno Pocket Scan & Roll

Adding to the immensely popular Inno Series of LED lighting fixtures – a range that is continually growing – ADJ has recently released two new compact mirror scanners. The Inno Pocket Scan and Inno Pocket Roll are highly portable versions of their larger, costlier counterparts – the Inno Scan and the Inno Roll – but these ‘pocket-sized’ versions make the same impressive mirror effects available to small bars and clubs, stage acts and bands, as well as the DJ-on-the-road.

Much like the Inno Pocket Spot, the Pocket Scan and Inno Pocket Roll offer seriously compact power; both packing a bright 12-watt LED source into 11.5-inch and 13-inch tall fixtures, respectively – making the units incredibly bright for their sizes. This compact size, and their low weight of just 6 lbs. (2.4 kg), makes both fixtures easily portable as part of a mobile DJ setup and perfect for touring bands to take on the road. Clubs and bars in need of simple but effective extra lighting, meanwhile, can use the fast-moving scan and roll effects to fill dance-floors and bar areas with intense color and movement. Plus, these scanners are a great solution for entertainment venues with low ceilings that have challenges hanging lighting fixtures.

With a narrow 14-degree beam angle and a single GOBO/color wheel, combining 8 GOBO patterns (plus open) and 8 striking colors (plus white), the Inno Pocket Scan and Roll are capable of projecting bold patterns in bright, translucent colors. These exciting color effects ensure that the fixtures sit perfectly alongside moving heads such as the Inno Pocket Spot, complementing the intense single beam with their own mesmeric patterns and effects to generate high levels of pure lighting excitement.

In terms of operation, the Scan and Roll offer a choice between three operational modes: DMX-Controlled, Sound Active and Internal Show. While in DMX-Controlled mode, six channels allow users to control pan and tilt, strobing, color/GOBO selection, master dimming, and the dimmer mode, for more detailed command of the effects. For users favoring more simple operation, the Pocket Scan and Roll can run as standalone fixtures in Sound Active mode, gracefully moving in time to up-tempo music due to the inclusion of stepper motors with micro stepping, or in Internal Show mode, which offers a choice of twelve pre-programmed light shows for a simple way of achieving spellbinding effects. These standalone options can be enhanced further by activating Display Inversion mode to create a synchronized, highly effective and professional-looking lightshow with pairs of heads moving in opposite directions.

Enabling further synchronicity, the Inno Pocket Series fixtures can be linked together for Master/Slave operation. Any combination of Pocket Roll and Pocket Scan units can be connected, along with Pocket Spot moving heads, to create a coordinated lightshow using the in-built programs or Sound Active mode. This flexibility makes the Inno Pocket Scan and Roll especially suited to mobile DJs looking for a portable lightshow that offers variety and coordination without having to break the bank or engage in complex programming. Both fixtures are compatible with the ADJ IR Remote (available as an optional extra), which gives users wireless control over Full On, Stand By, Strobe, Color Change, 0-100% Dimming and Sound Active, all from a distance of 15-feet.

With a flexible hanging yoke and safety hook included, the Inno Pocket Scan and Roll fixtures can be quickly and securely mounted from ceilings or truss at any angle. These mounting options make them perfect for use in bars, lounges, bowling alleys and roller rinks, especially where units need to be mounted above lanes or in the center of a rink, or above dance-floors for captivating overhead effects. For added convenience, power in/out sockets allow the power supply for multiple fixtures to be linked together, allowing users to link up to nineteen Inno Pockets Scans/Rolls at 120-volts, or thirty-five at 230-volts, reducing the need for extensive, costly cabling.

“By adding to our Inno Pocket Series, we’ve introduced two compact, lightweight fixtures that remain bright and powerful, and are available at a low price point,” says Alfred Gonzales, national sales nanager for ADJ USA. “The Inno Pocket Scan and Roll are compact but their 12-watt LED source offers power and works with the combined GOBO/Color wheel and X/Y mirror movement to create entrancing color effects and new levels of pure lighting excitement.”

No matter what the application, the new Pocket fixtures deliver. For mobile DJs and entertainers, they provide effective additions to any portable setup; being easy to transport and use alongside other products in the highly-portable pocket range. They also offer dance-floor enhancing solutions to clubs, bars and entertainment complexes, providing a range of vibrant patterns and awesome colors which can be easily controlled via the ADJ IR Remote as part of a wireless setup. Touring musicians, bands and stage productions can also benefit greatly; integrating the fixtures into a larger lighting setup to generate impressive effects, while the units remain lightweight and easy to store as part of an extensive rig.

Compact but powerful, effective but flexible; the Inno Pocket Scan and Inno Pocket Roll give the user game-changing effects and pocket-sized practicality at a highly affordable price.

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