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ADJ’s game-changing Fog Fury Jett

Published Feb 15, 2015

Adding to ADJs already successful Fog Fury range is the Fog Fury Jett; a high-velocity, DMX-compatible fog machine with the capacity to generate super-powerful vertical blasts, enriched with LED lighting, for the most exciting fog effects around.

The Fog Fury series was already versatile, offering affordable, forward-thinking fog solutions for everyone; whether theyre mobile DJs playing weddings and parties in small function rooms, mid-size clubs and bars looking to add atmosphere to the dance-floor, or bigger venues where larger, quicker coverage is needed. Furthering this flexibility, the Fog Fury Jett sees ADJs latest technological development in play; the ability to generate vertical fog blasts that retain their power, whether shooting up at the ceiling or down towards the floor.

Where traditional fog machines emit fog horizontally, the Fog Fury Jett sends dry, even blasts of fog over 25ft into the air to create an eye-catching display for audiences, while also generating enough fog to fill the room with rolling clouds of smoke. The user can then send sharp moving beams cutting through the fog. The machine can also be used facing down from above; blasting fog onto the dance-floor to immerse the crowds. These powerful vertical bursts are enabled by ADJs latest advancements in heater technology, which allow for far-reaching, dense effects.

Further enhancing this truly unique effect, the 700-watt Fog Fury Jett is equipped with twelve 3-watt quad-color LEDs, which infuse the powerful jets of fog with color for distinctive results. This winning combination of fog and colored lighting will transform the atmosphere of any venue, whether the user is a club or bar owner; a mobile DJ that works weddings, birthday parties and school proms; or an installer for entertainment complexes.

Inside the Fog Fury Jett, ADJ has employed a range of high-quality components and technologies to ensure power, versatility and reliability. The unique heating element design, for instance, uses an oil-type transmission that reduces the possibility of clogging to a minimum, offering a more consistent user experience. This reliability and efficiency also manifests itself in the form of a high-performance Italian pump system and ADJs latest ETS (Electronic Thermo Sensing) technology, which allow the Fog Fury Jett to maintain optimum heat levels, generate an impressive output of 20,000 cubic-feet per minute and offer a short warm-up time of nine minutes. The Fog Fury Jett is, therefore, perfect for users who need to setup and produce fog quickly, while the extensive coverage makes it ideal for use in venues of varying sizes. 

A more efficient fluid/fog output ratio is also enabled thanks to the machine being designed for use with high-quality water-based fog fluid. Capable of holding up to three liters of fluid, the Fog Fury Jett has an external tank that can be mounted on the top or bottom of the machine, depending on whether the user wants downward or upward-facing blasts. Furthermore, with a low-fluid indicator, users know when the tank is starting to run dry so theyll never be caught out.

While the Fog Fury Jetts innovative vertical design gives users the pleasure of unrivaled flexibility, they can also remain versatile in the way they control the machine; thanks to its three operational modes Manual, Remote Control, and DMX-Controlled and the inclusion of an ADJ FFJWR wireless remote. In DMX mode, users can choose between five DMX channel options: 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7. All control options can be selected using the 4-button control panel and LCD display on the machines rear panel.


Despite its huge output and powerful effects, users especially those taking the unit on the road will find the Fog Fury Jett suitably lightweight (weighing an extremely low 16 lbs. (7.2kg)) and therefore easy to carry in and out of venues. With dimensions of 15.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches (39 x 30 x 19cm), the machine is compact enough for easy storage and transport; perfect for mobile DJs and entertainers that regularly hit the road. ADJ has also fitted the machine with a carrying handle, making it even more convenient to pick up and move. Plus, with its big room effects, similar to CO2 but at a fraction of the cost, the Fog Fury Jett is great for performance stages, nightclubs and theaters.


With the Fog Fury Jett, were not just giving users a powerful, forward-thinking vertical fog solution, but also the reliability of the latest technology and the convenience of handy features, such as the low-fluid indicator, explains Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. Whether an entertainer on the move, the owner of a bar or club looking to add some flair to the dance-floor, or a wedding DJ that wants to bring something special to the party, the Fog Fury Jett will help our customers take their shows to the next level and create endless amounts of pure lighting excitement for their audiences.


Allowing users to transform venues and take every event to a new dimension, the Fog Fury Jett combines game-changing LED-infused effects, flexible positioning and unbeatable affordability to offer a fog machine that literally defies gravity!

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