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ADJ Zipper

Published Mar 22, 2015
ADJ Zipper
ADJ Zipper

ADJs new Zipper is the ideal way to add more punch to any party; giving users the power and artistic scope to add new levels of pure lighting excitement to their lightshow, without having to break the bank. As a powerful four-in-one barrel mirror scanner that combines four separate barrels and four different-colored 8W LEDs, the Zipper lets users generate an eye-catching array of attention-grabbing beam effects that fill the room and cover the dance-floor.

The flexible Zipper has been tailor-made for covering large areas in small venues, such as dance-floors, seating areas and bars, thanks to its four heads and swivel-mirror movement (which has been enhanced by stepper motors with micro-stepping). This versatility of movement also allows users to utilize the Zipper as the centerpiece of a mobile light show. Its red, green, blue and white LEDs bounce off four mirror barrels that swivel back and forth to generate multiple beams that shoot at all angles, from the center outwards, for a distinctive, all-encompassing effect. This can be especially useful to DJs who run larger mobile rigs and want a far-reaching but compact effect to use as a centerpiece.

These beam effects can be taken to another level when running any of the Zippers 16 built-in shows. During these shows the different barrels turn on and off, creating a series of show stopping multi-color chase effects that look even more effective in a fog-filled venue. Random slow-to-fast strobe effects can also be added to the mix, for a more intense, club-style atmosphere. These in-built modes also lend themselves to the Display Inversion mode, which sees the individual barrels mirror each others movements to generate an attention-grabbing, synchronized lightshow that looks that looks highly professional and is guaranteed to impress audiences.

Users can change the intensity of both the color beams and pulse effects using the 0-100% dimming, which offers precise control, allowing the Zipper to adapt to any situation or event whether its a wedding reception that needs kicking into gear or an event for children that requires more subdued lighting and less intense strobe effects.

The Zipper really is the most exhilarating barrel-mirror scanner around, says Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. With its versatile four-in-one effects, innovative movement and unrivaled portability, mobile DJs and entertainers, small nightclub, bar or lounge managers, and the operators of bowling complexes and entertainment centers can all benefit from adding the Zipper to their arsenal of fixtures. Using the incredible scatter-beam effects, users can leave audiences mesmerized as the Zipper brings new levels of pure lighting excitement to their events.

With the Zipper, users have a choice between three operational modes DMX-controlled, Sound Active and Internal Show which can be selected on the units four-button digital display. The DMX-Controlled mode offers three channel options (1, 3, and 11), offering users in-depth control and affording them greater freedom when programing the Zippers cutting-edge scatter-beam effects. For users with less DMX experience such as venue owners, amateur lighting designers and some mobile DJs the Sound Active and Internal Show modes offer two simple but highly effective alternatives allowing users to create mesmerizing lightshows without the need for complex DMX programing.

Users can also opt for the separately-sold UC IR wireless remote, which offers control over Stand-by, Strobing, Sound Active on/off and the selection of Show Modes; ideal for DJs and stage performers that want to operate the Zipper from on stage or behind the booth. The remote also enables lighting designers to control the fixture from afar, so they can manipulate the effects as others perform. No matter how users want to incorporate the Zipper into their lightshow, its hanging yoke and safety hook allow them to mount the fixture above the dance-floor or stage, without having to be concerned for the safety of clientele or performers.

The Zipper packs one heck of a punch for a unit so compact and lightweight: weighing in at just 13 lbs. (4.9kg) and measuring 19 x 10 x 5 (482 x 254 x 127mm). This makes it the ideal fixture for taking on the road as part of a more extensive mobile rig or stage setup; perfect for mobile DJs, entertainers, touring bands and stage productions. Furthermore, the use of multiple Zippers is enabled by the inclusion of 3-pin XLR in/out sockets for use in Master/Slave configuration or for DMX control and the ability to daisy-chain power via the IEC in/out sockets on the rear of the fixture. Giving users greater versatility, up to ten Zippers can be power-linked at 120V or 18 at 230V.

Whether a mobile DJ or entertainer, the manager of a small nightclub, bar or lounge, or the operator of a bowling complex or entertainment center, the versatile effects and forward-thinking movement of the Zipper will bring one-of-a-kind results to the users lightshow. With the Zipper, users of all kinds can provide pure lighting excitement for audiences without the need to spend big bucks.

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