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ADJ Vizi Roller Beam 2R Now Shipping

Do you want to enhance your lightshow? Stand out from the crowd? Be unique? The innovative Vizi Roller Beam 2R goes above and beyond. 

ADJ Vizi Roller Beam 2R
ADJ Vizi Roller Beam 2R

 Do you want to enhance your lightshow? Stand out from the crowd? Be unique? The innovative Vizi Roller Beam 2R goes above and beyond. 

Literally. This far-reaching barrel scanner – the latest in ADJ’s market-leading Vizi range of intelligent fixtures – produces a ground-breaking 360-degree beam effect, offering a distinctive lighting experience designed to enhance any type of show. The unique conical-shape barrel, which spins continuously, is mounted from above, allowing beams to shoot out in every direction. The addition of 315⁰ pan and 90⁰ tilt movement ensures beams shoot off in every imaginable direction to create truly mesmerizing effects.

Due to its 360-degree coverage, the room-filling Vizi Roller Beam 2R is ideal as a hanging centerpiece feature for a nightclub. Being adaptable, the fixture can just as easily be used for mobile applications too. The barrel operates at both high and slow-speeds, making the fixture just as suitable for the delicate atmosphere of a wedding first dance as it is for the high-energy environment of a club. 

Whatever the situation, the multi-facet prism and independent GOBO wheel mean your venue will come alive with spellbinding patterns and eye-catching effects, and the slow-to-fast strobe and pulse only serve to enhance your lightshow further. The GOBO wheel features 8 fixed patterns as well as 6 different sizes of open spot GOBO (to change the beam size), which make the Vizi Roller Beam 2R even more flexible. Using the narrower spot GOBOs, razor sharp points of light can be created, while the larger ones allow chunky beams to fill the room. Meanwhile an independent color wheel features 14 colors plus white, which range from a cool blue to a passionate red allowing users to create even more pure lighting excitement. 

impressive lamp life as well as incredible brightness

The Vizi Roller Beam 2R is also unbelievably bright thanks to its Philips Platinum 2R lamp, which has been co-engineered by ADJ and Philips. Following on from the success of the very popular 5R, this new lamp brings the innovative lighting technology developed by Philips and ADJ to smaller and more affordable fixtures. The 2R lamp requires just 135W of power and has a 6,000 hour average lamp life, but boasts an output comparable to a 250W discharge fixture.

“Following the success of the 5R lamp, we’ve worked closely with Philips to create the new - soon to be industry-standard - 2R lamp, which offers an impressive lamp life as well as incredible brightness from such a small amount of power,” Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager of ADJ USA explains. “We always strive to be innovative and by combining the 2R lamp with the ground-breaking 360-degree technology of the Vizi Roller Beam, we have developed an affordable, versatile product capable of creating previously unheard of room-filling effects.”

Forever seeking to reinvent its products, ADJ has also made the Vizi Roller Beam 2R lighter and more compact than any other intelligent fixture in its class. Furthermore, this DMX barrel scanner offers three operational modes – DMX, Master/Slave and Sound Active – allowing for changeable control and flexible usage, while electronic dimming from 0-100% also means total control over brightness. Other key features include a forward-thinking 6-button LED menu, a power-con input, and a GOBO scroll mode – only furthering the versatility of this truly cutting-edge product. 

The ADJ Vizi Roller Beam 2R is the perfect choice for any lighting application that requires a venue-filling effect with added wow-factor. Thanks to the market-leading 2R lamp it is also eco-friendly and its huge feature list makes it flexible enough for any situation.