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ADJ Ricochet

Published Sep 9, 2015
ADJ Ricochet

Fitted with a powerful LED source and boasting a variable beam angle, rapid dual-mirror movement and a choice between 10 colors and 29 pattern macros, the flexible, feature-packed Ricochet from ADJ takes simulated laser effects to the next level


Launched by ADJ at DJ Expo 2015 in August, the Ricochet is a brand new 20W hybrid LED scanner/beam effect that utilizes precision stepper motors, dual mirrors and an array of color/pattern options to let users create pure lighting excitement in the form of beams, cones and wave-style effects. Affordable and compact too, its the ideal laser/beam effect for club and bar owners, mobile entertainers, event organizers, touring bands, roller rinks and bowling alleys.


Combining a powerful 20W LumiEngin LED and a variable beam angle, the Ricochet is capable of both a single super-tight beam (at 4-degrees) and a wide, flat laser-like effect (at 120-degrees). Thanks to the units precision stepper motors and dual mirrors, these effects flicker and flit about rapidly to create an intense club-style atmosphere, while 29 pattern macros allow users to project distinct patterns on the floor, walls and ceiling. The Ricochet is also fitted with a color wheel that offers a choice of 10 hues including the options to split them for a varied dual-color effect allowing users to generate beams and patterns in a range of eye-catching colors.


This creativity and freedom of choice is heightened by the Ricochets six built-in show modes, which give users the flexibility to produce an array of stimulating lightshows. The patterns produced by the Ricochet can also be rotated, allowing extra movement, while zoom allows different-sized patterns to be projected onto the dance-floor! The effects can also be strobed, while the brightness and intensity can be easily controlled using the 0-100% electronic dimming.


These show modes can be triggered using ADJs separately sold UC-IR remote or the new Airstream IR controller for iOS devices (iPad or iPhone). Users also have access to Sound Active mode for simple but effective effects in-time to music and 12/15-channel DMX modes for more in-depth control.


In 12-channel mode, users hold command over a large amount of features, including pan/tilt movement and shaking; color selection, including color changes and rotation; built-in macro pattern selection; pattern rotation and zoom; strobing; master dimmer; and special functions such as blackout and resets. Meanwhile, the 15-channel mode enables users to select pattern zero X and pattern zero Y, as well as control the pattern spin from 0-270-degrees.


From the Ricochets rear control panel, users can also utilize the pan and tilt inversion, allowing them to create a mesmerizing mirrored lightshow when using multiple Ricochet units side by side. This is helped by its IEC in/out connections, which allow users to daisy-chain the power for up to 16 units at 120V (or 30 at 230V) for a more expansive lightshow that utilizes the hypnotic laser-like effects of multiple Ricochets.


The Ricochet is the ideal way for our customers to create a laser-style lightshow without the excessive cost or the need for inconvenient health and safety precautions, like a variance in the United States, explains Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. By utilizing its powerful light source, range of colors and rapid precision motors, a long list of users from club owners, to event producers to DJs can generate unbelievable laser-like effects and concise beams for a varied lightshow that will catch the eyes of their audiences without blowing their budget.


For many users, including touring bands, mobile entertainers and event organizers, being able to easily move, setup and transport the Ricochet is a vital requirement. With this in mind, ADJ has ensured that the unit is lightweight, weighing 11 lbs. (5kg), and compact, measuring 11.25 x 9.75x 9.75in (285 x 250 x 248mm). This means that mobile users can take the Ricochets impactful beams and simulated laser effects out on the road, bringing pure lighting excitement to the venues they visit, the parties they perform at and the dance-floors that their guests inhabit!


Affordable, flexible and a step forward in the realms of simulated laser lighting effects, the Ricochet is a wise addition to any lighting setup, combining dense beams, rotating patterns and powerful laser-like effects for a lightshow that looks big-budget but doesnt break the bank!

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