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ADJ Ninja 5RX

Published Jun 24, 2016
ADJ Ninja-5RX
ADJ Ninja-5RX

Bolstered by a super-charged Philips Platinum 5R lamp, the truly unique ADJ Ninja 5RX offers unprecedented levels of power while remaining portable and flexible, providing users with a compact unit capable of seriously far-reaching multi-beam effects!

If theres anything lighting users want, its more power! ADJs new Ninja 5RX is a pioneering multi-beam effect that features four independently tilting mirrors and a range of color/GOBO effects, as well as a super-powerful Philips 5R lamp! This awesome combination – bolstered by the force of the ultra-bright discharge lamp – gives users the ability to scatter slicing beams of light around the room, stage or dance-floor, for an eye-catching display that leaves guests astounded.

Co-engineered with ADJ, the Philips MSD Platinum 5R discharge lamp is the nucleus of the Ninja 5RX. Fusing this powerful source with tilting mirrors and a tight 5-degree beam angle, the unit offers unrivaled levels of brightness and is able to shoot out cutting beams of pure white or color lighting at every angle imaginable, ensuring an energized display of multi-beam effects with the power to fill entire rooms.

This room-filling ability and accurate mirror movement is in part facilitated by the Ninja 5RXs stepper motors with micro stepping, built-in tilt macros, and effective Tilt Invert feature – all of which offer users dynamic movement and precise positioning. So, users can easily generate a varied and high-energy lightshow that brings color, movement and a nightclub-style atmosphere to just about any venue or event.

The flexibility of the Ninja 5RX really comes into its own when users discover the range of GOBO and color options on offer. Across its independent color and GOBO wheels, users have 15 colors to choose from (including harder to reach hues like hot pink, vibrant orange, turquoise and purple) as well as an impressive range of 17 static, fixed GOBOs + open. Furthermore, users can select from three open GOBO settings, each of a varying size (1.5mm, 4mm and 7mm), allowing different sized beams to be created and giving users a choice between a super-tight spot, a more standard-sized open GOBO and a wider dot thats ideal for bringing emphasis to a certain area or space.

While the multi-beam, mirrored displays generated by the Ninja 5RX make it an ideal centerpiece effect for mobile DJs working parties and events, the sheer power executed by the Philips Platinum 5R lamp mean that its also an atmosphere-enhancing product for any club or venue install. And, helping bring extra pure lighting excitement to nightclubs, events and parties, ADJ has equipped the fixture with intense pulse and strobe effects that can be amplified or softened using the 0-100% electronic dimming.

“We wanted to offer our customers a centerpiece-style effect that wasnt just limited to smaller rooms and events,” explained Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “The solution? Weve taken a high-power Philips Platinum 5R lamp – co-engineered with ADJ – and combined it with precise mirror movement and separate color and GOBO wheels to give users a compact, affordable unit capable of potent, far-reaching multi-beam displays.”

In terms of control, the Ninja 5RX offers users a choice between three operational modes: Show, Sound Active and DMX-Controlled. For those lighting users looking to create something highly effective without the need for complex programing, the Show mode features 12 built-in lightshows, each with its own unique qualities for giving guests a night to remember! Ideal for use by mobile DJs and owners of roller rinks, these pre-set displays are also utilized by the units Sound Active mode, which shoots out colorful beam effects in time with music.

For more in depth control, the DMX-Controlled mode gives users access to 1-, 10- and 13-channel DMX settings, allowing them to produce spectacular customized displays of powerful multi-beam effects that can be tailored to meet the requests of a client or venue. ADJ has also ensured that the Ninja 5RX is compatible with its separately sold UC IR wireless remote, as well as with the revolutionary new Airstream IR app, the latter of which enables control of primary settings and effects from the screen of any iOS device.

Thanks to its power, versatility and budget-conscious price, the Ninja 5RX is perfectly suited to the needs of mobile DJs, touring bands, event organizers, bars, clubs and venues. However, due to the need for DJs and bands to travel with a portable setup, and the space limitations often found inside smaller clubs and bars, its also essential that the Ninja 5RX is unbelievably compact and lightweight. Easy to store, transport and install, the fixture weighs in at just 22 lbs. (10kg) and measures 13.25 x 12.25 x 13in (340 x 313 x 333mm) – ideal for taking pure lighting excitement just about anywhere! Ideal for mounting onto truss totems either side of the DJ booth or stage, users can also daisy-chain the power for two Ninja 5RX units at 120V (or five at 230V) for a more expansive lightshow.


Innovative in its power and versatility, but available at a budget-conscious price point, the new Ninja 5RX puts the ability to create high-power, multi-beam effects in the hands of a wide range of users, from mobile DJs to club owners to event lighting designers. Flexible, unique and powerful enough for use in bigger rooms, the Ninja 5RX is another pioneering but affordable product from ADJ!

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