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ADJ Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus

Published Nov 9, 2015
Profile Plus

RGB+UV = Greater Color Excitement

While boasting similar features and the same intelligent design, the adaptable new Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus builds on its predecessor with UV-enhanced four-in-one LEDs, generating unbeatable effects in a range of hard-to-reach colors!

 An incredible new upgrade to ADJ’s popular Mega TRIPAR Profile, the Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus is a super-bright, lie-flat par that utilizes five 4W Quad-Color (RGB+UV) LEDs, enabling users to fill wide areas with UV-enhanced color washes and provide unique uplighting, truss warming and stage washing at the venues and events that they work.

With 64 built-in color macros and the addition of UV to the color mix, users now have access to an enhanced color pallet that includes hot pink, electric blue and lime green, giving them true diversity when it comes to creating atmospheric, smoothly mixed color effects for their audiences and clientele. Much like the original Mega TRIPAR Profile, the new par fixture makes the most of ADJ’s patented, intelligent ‘lie-flat’ design (U.S. Patent D689,232), which means users have access to IEC and XLR (DMX) input sockets on one side and the corresponding output sockets on the other, even when the unit is sitting flat. This makes the Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus ideal for truss-warming and up-lighting applications.

For event organizers, lighting designers, venue operators and mobile entertainers, this capacity for effective up-lighting and truss-warming is essential for bringing a unique energy to venues and events. The Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus’s wide 40-degree beam angle also helps; enabling far-reaching stage washes and creating unique up-lighting that casts wide streams of bold color across walls. Of course, users can also embellish these effects with the unit’s UV, which makes the colors glow for an enticing end result. The Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus can also be utilized as a UV-only effect in its own right, for smaller spaces such as bars and compact events facilities.

Whether users want to generate stunning architectural wall washes, draw the audience’s attention to décor using up-lighting, or provide far-reaching stage lighting that stays cool for performers, the Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus can be further enhanced thanks to its color strobe effects and 0-100% electronic dimming. These effects can add serious intensity to the user’s lightshow, allowing them to provide a party atmosphere for guests, bring excitement to the dance-floor and also control the brightness using the electronic dimming.

Mobile entertainers, event organizers and venue operators alike can also utilize ADJ’s Mega Flat TRI Pak Plus – a package that offers four Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus units, three six-foot (10m) DMX cables and a protective padded case to store and transport them in. This means users can adopt multiple fixtures into their lightshow, creating more pure lighting excitement for their audiences and allowing mobile entertainers and lighting designers to offer complete up-lighting services to their clients.

“While our Mega TRIPAR Profile was incredibly popular for its smooth RGB color mixing and intelligent design, we wanted to give users more flexibility with their color creation,” said Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “The new Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus does just that, with its 4W RGB+UV Quad LEDs with the added UV element enables users to create powerful effects in a range of unique colors that were previously hard to reach.”

ADJ has also ensured that users can enjoy flexibility when it comes to controlling the Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus. With five operational modes to choose from, it doesn’t matter whether users want to keep things simple or get super-creative with DMX. The unit’s Auto Run Mode features 16 color change programs, 16 color fade programs and one combined program; the Sound Active Mode also comes with 16 built-in programs; the RGB+UV Dimmer Mode enables users to create their own color hues; the Static Color Mode provides access to the 64 built-in color macros; and, finally, the unit’s DMX-Controlled Mode offers 4-, 5-, 6-, 9- and 10-channel modes.

This adaptability means users can control the Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus in whichever way they desire and utilize the fixture in a variety of professional situations, whether they’re a DJ that wants to use Auto Run Mode so they can concentrate on their performance or a lighting designer looking to create an in-depth DMX lightshow that provides audiences with a truly memorable experience. The Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus is also compatible with ADJ’s LED RC2 wireless infrared remote, which is available as an optional extra and allows users to operate the fixture from up to 30ft (nine meters) for control from behind the booth or the back of a venue.

Further practicality is offered by the fixture’s scissor yoke, which enables users to hang the unit from truss, mount it onto a wall or set it on the ground, so they can create extensive color washes from any angle. The power for up to 30 Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus units can be daisy-chained, saving users the hassle of laying down extensive wiring. Meanwhile, thanks to the fixture’s ‘lie-flat’ design, XLR sockets are also easily accessible, allowing multiple units to be DMX-linked for a larger, more impressive lighting display.

The Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus is lightweight and compact, weighing just 2.7lbs (1.23kg), making it ideal for mobile users, such as DJs, bands and other entertainers for which powerful but lightweight gear is essential. This is where the Mega Flat TRI Pak Plus package is also best utilized; enabling users of all types to store and transport multiple Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus fixtures safely, without adding excessive weight to their lightshow during transit.

Whether a mobile entertainer, lighting designer, event organizer or venue owner, the highly versatile new Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus is the answer to achieving far-reaching washes and luscious up-lighting in a range of unique, smoothly mixed colors. Furthermore, with the addition of UV and the unit’s intelligent ‘lie-flat’ design, users can now enhance their lightshow with UV and generate pure lighting excitement from a range of positions, all without breaking the bank!

The Mega TRIPAR Profile Plus has been nominated for the Music & Sound Awards “Best Lighting Product of 2015.” 

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