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ADJ Mega Par Profile Plus

Published May 4, 2015
Mega Par Profile Plus
Mega Par Profile Plus

While its predecessor provided powerful wide washes of colored lighting, ADJ’s new Mega Par Profile Plus – which also comes in convenient, one-bag packages – lets users infuse these color effects with potent UV for game-changing end results.                

The new Mega Par Profile Plus is an updated version of ADJ’s original Mega Par Profile fixture, and has been designed with the inclusion of a large, powerful UV LED in the center, allowing users to soak their color washes in potent UV for the creation of spellbinding effects that generate new levels of pure lighting excitement.

The Mega Par Profile Plus is a slim-bodied, lie-flat par can that utilizes 107 10mm LEDs (26 red, 45 green and 36 blue) as well as the newly-added 3W UV LED. Thanks to this range of color, users can enjoy smooth RGB+UV color mixing, allowing them to create unique hues that can be embellished using the super-effective UV element. With a wide beam angle of 30⁰ the Mega Par Profile Plus provides far-reaching stage washes, allowing users – whether DJs, lighting designers, venue managers or installers – to flood stages or dancefloors with vivid color or provide luscious event up-lighting in an array of UV-inflected colors.

The features don’t stop there, either. ADJ has equipped the Mega Par Profile Plus with a color strobe effect, making it the ideal par fixture for small clubs and bars, or for mobile DJs and entertainers providing music for younger crowds that want the intense, flashing effects usually found in nightclubs. With 0-100% electronic dimming, users can also adjust the brightness of these effects, allowing them to adapt the fixture to most situations; keeping things subdued for the early stages of an event and upping the intensity when the party gets going.

In terms of control, the Mega Par Profile Plus gives users a choice between five operational modes: Dimmer Mode, Auto Run Mode, Static Color Mode, Sound Active Mode and DMX-Controlled Mode, the latter of which offers 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10-channel modes. Using the RGB+UV Dimmer mode, users can adjust the intensity of each aspect to create their own unique color, and then trigger strobing for a cool color strobe effect, the speed of which can be easily adjusted. Auto Run Mode gives users access to Color Fade and Color Change programs, which can be selected (16 for each) from the unit’s four-button rear control panel. Alternatively, in Static Color Mode, users can choose from any of the 64 built-in color macros.

Using Sound Active Mode, a range of 16 built-in shows can be chosen from, while a Display Inversion mode will create complimentary effects across pairs of fixtures where two or more units are connected for Master/Slave operation. An optional add-on also comes in the form of the ADJ LED RC2 wireless infrared remote control, which gives users control over the Mega Par Profile Plus from a distance of up to 30ft (10m).

“Following the inclusion of UV LEDs in many of our recent products, we wanted to add the same capabilities to the Mega Par Profile. That’s when we developed the Mega Par Profile Plus, which allows vibrant up-lighting and far-reaching washes of smoothly-mixed, UV-infused color – all at an agreeable price,” said Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “With LEDs in red, green and blue, as well as a centralized 3W UV LED, users can now create custom hues of color, while the unit’s 30⁰ beam angle ensures wide-reaching effects that are perfect for washing stages and up-lighting venues.”

Due to its lie-flat design – which sees the power and DMX in/out sockets fitted on the side of the unit rather than the rear – users can sit the Mega Par Profile Plus side-ways, set it flat on the ground or lay it inside truss, making it a highly versatile fixture, perfect for warming truss, up-lighting venues and washing stages and dance-floors. With an included scissor yoke too, users can hang the unit on truss, mount it onto a wall, or set it on the ground at any angle. Also furthering this flexibility are its five dimmer curves, which allow the fixture to be adjusted to suit different applications: stage, TV, architectural, theater and standard.

For users looking to incorporate the Mega Par Profile Plus into a wider lightshow, it’s linkable via 3-pin XLR cables and the power for up to 33 Mega Par Profile Pluses can be daisy-chained at 120V (or 60 at 230V). Also making the fixture ideal for use by mobile DJs and other users on the go are its compactness and low weight. Weighing just 3lbs (1.1kg), the Mega Par Profile Plus is easy to carry and lift, while its dimension (9 x 8.75 x 3.5in) make it easy to store and transport.

This transport and storage can also be made easier by ADJ’s Mega Flat Pak Plus and Mega Flat Pak 8 Plus packages. The Mega Flat Pak Plus equips users with four Mega Par Profile Plus fixtures, three 6ft (2m) DMX cables, and a soft carry bag. With four powerful Mega Par Profile Pluses at their disposal, users can fill any small-medium spaces with vibrant, UV-infused color washes, while the included DMX cables allow them to be linked for a more impressive synchronized lightshow. Ideal for mobile users wanting to keep their fixtures safe and clean, the soft carry bag is lightweight but protective, making it perfect for taking on the road.

The Mega Flat Pak 8 Plus, meanwhile, allows users to cover an even larger area, supplying them with eight Mega Par Profile Plus fixtures, seven 6ft (2m) DMX cables and a soft bag to carry it all in. With these extra four units to work with, users can supply up-lighting for larger-scale venues, wash bigger rooms, stages and dance-floors, or spread the Mega Par Profile Pluses across two rooms, allowing them to create pure lighting excitement, without the price-tag, wherever the demand lies.

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