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ADJ Magna Tube NAMM 2016

Published Jan 29, 2016
ADJ Magma Tube
ADJ Magma Tube

The new Magna Tube is a lightweight but durable acrylic tube which combines with ADJ par cans to form a distinctive glowing-tube effect, emitting whichever custom-crafted or pre-programmed hues users choose to create with their accompanying ADJ lighting fixtures. Thanks to the companys smart design and the inclusion of four strong magnets, the Magna Tube can be secured firmly to the metallic housing of any Flat Par or WiFLY Par fixtures, slotting easily into the included magnetic gel-frame adapter.


Once the product is attached to a par unit, users can utilize the stylish, eye-catching effects of the Magna Tube in just about any situation! Mobile entertainers can position one either side of the booth to turn it into a visual feature that will draw attention to the dance-floor or the stage. Similarly, for touring bands, the Magna Tube can bring something different to their on-stage setup, whether they want to create a certain mood that matches their songs or simply add some color to their stage show.


The Magna Tube is also the ideal lighting effect for placing around a venue, rather than just on-stage or next to the booth. Mobile entertainers, event production companies and nightclubs can all use multiple tubes to generate an ambient glow in low-key seating areas and bars, while the luminous tubes can also be used as a creative alternative to up-lighting in the events main room. The Magna Tube remains as flexible and adaptable as the ADJ par cans that it can be used with, so entertainers and event organizers can keep things subdued during the early section of the night and then effortlessly transform the Magna Tubes into intense strobe battens to add energy later on in the night.


Using multiple Magna Tubes also works particularly well for users who want to draw attention to a certain area or emphasize event features: for example, multiple Magna Tubes can be used to mark an entrance and line the hallway into the venue, guiding guests into the party in style and generating an atmosphere before theyve even seen the dance-floor! This can work for houses of worship as well, where numerous Magna Tubes can act as a hazard-free alternative to candles, lining the entrance hall and bringing ambient lighting to the sanctuary in a range of colors, from golden amber and warm white to deeper reds and blues. With this range of applications, the Magna Tube is a truly versatile tool, so no matter how or where lighting is being used, it can be enhanced further to produce greater levels of pure lighting excitement.


Of course, the lighting effects created using the Magna Tube partly depend on which flexible Flat Par or WiFLY product is being used. Easily slotting in place thanks to its magnetic gel-frame adapter, the versatile new solution can be used with ADJ’s metal Flat Par and WiFLY Par fixtures. For instance, with the Flat Par QA5XS, the Magna Tube can not only be illuminated with distinctive blends of RGBA color, but also enhanced with color strobing and built-in color change/fade programs. So, whether users want the simplicity of the Auto and Sound Active modes, the creative possibilities offered by DMX, or the convenience of wireless control using the separately sold LED RC2 wireless remote, these eye-catching effects can be channelled through the Magna Tube to generate a special atmosphere for their guests and audiences.


“Our sensational new Magna Tube really does offer the only alternative to uplighting worth considering,” says Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “Thanks to its simple-to-use design, secure magnetic adapter and lightweight acrylic build, a wide range of users can produce distinct glowing batten effects offering a memorable visual spectacle. Plus, the Magna Tube may be used as a complete wireless light column system when used with ADJ’s WiFLY battery powered pars.”


The Magna Tube also excels in terms of portability and compactness. Ideal for mobile lighting users, taking multiple Magna Tubes on the road is breeze thanks to their compact size and low weight (3.6 lbs /1.6 kg. ). Each tube is 39in tall and 5.9in diameter (1008x208x208mm), making them easy to store in the back of the truck, while the included rubber covers ensure protection during transit. Measuring 8.25 x 8.25 x 1.7in (208x208x44mm), the included gel-frame adapter is highly portable, too.


The perfect accessory for enhancing the par units in any ADJ lightshow, the Magna Tube is capable of transforming standard lighting into a unique visual feature, while remaining practical, lightweight and easy-to-use thanks to its secure magnetic adapter and no-frills design. Versatile, portable and offering distinctive effects, the Magna Tube is an awesome alternative to up-lighting and a refreshingly different way for users to create pure lighting excitement for their clients, guests and audiences – all without breaking the bank! The ADJ Magna Tube is not intended for use with halogen par cans.


The Magna Tube is available now from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.

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