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ADJ Group Is “Elated” About PLASA 2008

Published Sep 3, 2008

PLASA visitors who drop by the Elation Professional Products stand (D34) at the PLASA Show should find it to be an “elating” experience. From “mini but mighty” LED fixtures and versatile indoor/outdoor color changers. . . to tri-color LEDs and portable RGB LED panels, the company, through its American DJ Europe division, will be showcasing the latest innovations from its award-winning lighting line.

At the same time, American DJ Europe will be introducing Simon Gasch, its new European Sales Manager, to the trade at PLASA. Mr. Gasch, who worked for major retailers in Germany as well as being a lighting designer and technical advisor, and the rest of the team at ADJ Europe will have no shortage of exciting news to share with visitors to their PLASA stand.

Coming off the most impressive growth year in its history, Elation Professional has been busily pushing the envelope in a multitude of directions, coming out with a dizzying array of new products for the club, architectural, event, touring and theatrical markets. As diverse as the new offerings are, they share a common thread ? all deliver new solutions that help lighting designers and installers complete projects on time, within budget and beyond expectations. Here are but a few examples:

Small But Mighty -- They say that “good things come in small packages.” This is certainly true of the Design Spot 300E, which, though rated at 300 watts, gives off the brilliant output of a much larger unit. The secret lies in the unit’s new Philips Fast Fit MSR 300 lamps and an advanced high luminous optical system.

A hybrid spot/wash moving head fixture, the Design Spot 300E is bright enough for even the most spacious stage. The Design Spot 300E boasts features that are typically found only on larger fixtures. For example, it has a CMY color mixing system, lightweight electronic ballast, and pan/tilt lock, an all-new LCD information system with an easy-to-read 40-character screen, a variable Frost Filter that, when applied, will soften the hard edges of the spot for a more muted wash-like effect, and a full-functioning Iris that can transform its beams from narrow to wide (5%-100%). It is also equipped with 2 gobo wheels and an effects wheel with a 3-facet rotating/indexing prism and a 3D glass “infinity” prism. Oh yes, about its size, the Design Spot 300E weighs in at a mere 25.6 kg and measures 402mm x 449mm x 510.8 mm ? quite a bit of light in such a small package!

Rugged Rainbow -- Indoors or out, the new Elation Design LED 180IP lights up your life with a rainbow of colors ? yes, even if its is actually raining outside, because this powerful LED color changing luminaire sports a hearty IP rating of IP65 and is completely protected against dust and precipitation, making it ideal for outdoor concerts, pavilions, amphitheaters, building exteriors and landscape lighting.

The DLED 108IP isn’t only tough, it’s also amazingly bright, which makes it just as well-suited for indoor applications where a powerful color changer is needed. Equipped with 36 (12 each red, green and blue) 3W Luxeon K2 LEDs, it provides extremely high output and performance, especially for its diminutive size. Featuring linear RGB color mixing, the DLED 108IP can produce an infinite array of colors using a DMX controller. It also includes 6 built-in programs with speed control. You always knew there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and this nifty luminaire is it!

Thrice As Nice -- Elation’s revolutionary tri-color DLED36 Tri-Brick is an RGB color mixing brick that features four heads, each containing three of the new tri-color LED lamps for a total of 12 tri-color lamps. With a 1W red, 1W green and 1W blue LED per lamp, there are a total of 36 1W LEDs in this high-output, compact fixture. Instead of each LED lamp being a single color, the new tri-color technology makes it possible for each lens in this fixture to contain a combination of three 1-watt LEDs -- red, green and blue. This advanced 3-color innovation gives users tremendous advantages over single-color LEDs, including improved RGB color mixing, the elimination of multi-color shadows, and a much brighter, more even field. Ideal for video productions, this new technology eliminates those infamous 3-color shadows!

Colors To Go -- A new battery-powered RGB color panel, the Elation Event Panel System lets you bring LED colors anywhere indoors or out, without cord or electrical connections. This amazing color changing panel comes equipped with its own battery pack, so it can “power on” wherever you take it, even in places where there’s no electricity available. Equipped with 288 high-output 10mm LEDs (48 red, 120 green, 120 blue), the Event Panel System is ideal for adding brilliant colors to special events and banquets, as well as tricky indoor spaces where electrical outlets are scarce, such as hallways, entry ways and moving scenery. The unique long-life battery-powered panel also provides an easy way to light up trade show exhibits, runways and retail displays, since you don’t have to worry about connecting to a power source for at least 10 hours of full-power continuous use.

Architectural Arrivals ? Now Elation offers more architectural lighting solutions than ever with the introduction of its ELAR line of high performance lighting. Included in this group are the ELAR ExPar and ELAR ExFlood. Like all products in the ELAR line, these two fixtures are high quality IP-Rated LED solutions that combine vivid colors, long life and the “green” energy saving features of LED technology. At the same time, they offer the flexibility and reliability of IP-rated products. Many of our new ELAR products use our proven tri-color LED technology to produce more output and richer colors with no multi-color shadows. The ELAR ExPar is a high output RGB outdoor flood that is IP65 rated, and the ExPar is a high output outdoor RGB par that is also IP65 rated.

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