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ADJ Dotz Par 100

Published May 14, 2015
ADJ Dotz Par 100
ADJ Dotz Par 100

A compact, lightweight fixture with a capacity for stunning super-bright effects, ADJ’s powerful new Dotz Par 100 utilizes advanced COB LED technology, ultra-wide beam angles and built-in color macros, letting users take their lightshows to the next level…

The Dotz Par 100 is a compact LED par fixture that harnesses the power of multiple lessor units thanks to its single, ultra-bright, 100W tri-color (RGB) COB LED source; allowing users to generate immersive washes of tri-color lighting at unbelievably potent levels. Having used the latest COB (Chip on Board) technology, ADJ also ensures that users can create riches palettes of smoothly mixed color, avoiding the blight of RGB shadows for a distinct, professional finish.

The same COB technology also allows the Dotz Par 100’s powerful LED engine to be housed in a smaller amount of space, so that lighting designers, theaters, nightclubs, houses of worship and mobile entertainers have a portable solution that doesn’t forsake the ability to produce high-output effects. This compactness also helps lighting designers, installers and venue operators, who can create powerful effects, in an array of colors, even if the space they are working with is limited or the venue ceiling is low.

Whether used as a widespread wash or impactful uplighting effect, the Dotz Par 100’s 80-degree beam angle – which can be reduced to a concentrated 25-degree using the supplied lens kit – enables immersive coverage of the dance-floor, stage, church auditorium or bar. This flexibility means that users can think on their feet and adapt the Dotz Par 100 to the style of event or size of venue that they’re dealing with. As well as working as a wash or par effect, the fixture also offers pixel-mapping capabilities, giving users the creative freedom to produce animated visuals that achieve stunning results.

With 32 built-in color macros at hand and a range of preset programs, users will never be stuck for color or struggling for effects. This choice lets the Dotz Par 100 be adapted to suit the mood of an event, the décor of the venue or even the specific requests of a client, enabling the user to uplight walls, flood specific areas or produce pixel-mapped effects in an array of colors.

No matter how the Dotz Par 100 is used, mobile entertianers, lighting designers and other users can enhance its colored displays using LED pulse and strobe effects, which give them the ability to step up the intensity of the lightshow and throw the party into overdrive. The brightness of the output can also be controlled using the unit’s 0-100% electronic dimming, while flicker-free operation also makes the fixture ideal for those working with videographers or TV crews capturing events on film, ensuring professional results every time.

Aside from its Sound Active and Auto Run modes (which runs through the various in-built programs), the Dotz Par 100 gives users a choice between Color Macro and Dimmer modes, as well as a flexible DMX-controlled setting with four channel modes – 3, 4, 5 and 9. In addition, the ADJ Par RF wireless remote control can be used for control over basic features from a remarkable distance of up to 82ft (25m).

This versatility in control means that users – whether confident with DMX or opting for basic sound-to-light operation – can choose the method of control that the event or venue requires. For those users familiar with the DMX protocol, the Dotz Par 100 is fitted with 3-pin XLR connections, allowing multiple fixtures to be DMX-linked as part of a more extensive, highly detailed lightshow. When using multiple Dotz Par 100s, whether linked by DMX or not, the power supply for these units can easily be daisy-chained; allowing users to run up to nine units at 110V (or 19 at 230V).

Thanks to its intelligently designed, ‘lie-flat’ casing, which sees the power and DMX in/out connections fitted on the side of the unit, the Dotz Par 100 can be set flat on the ground, for effective up-lighting, or set inside truss for truss warming – both applications that are incredibly appealing to weddings DJs, lighting designers and event organizers. Equipped with a dual yoke, the fixture can also be mounted or set on the ground at an angle, allowing users to achieve sleek uplighting and far-reaching overhead washes that will flood dance-floors, seating areas and stages with vivid color. Weighing a modest 6 lbs. (3.1kg), the Dotz Par 100 is also ideal for taking on the road; while its compact size also makes it perfect for permanent installs in small or medium-sized venues.

“Game-changing advancements in COB technology have enabled us to pack the Dotz Par 100’s powerful 100W source into a compact unit, giving our customers the ability to create immense washes of color from a conveniently portable fixture,” says Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “The added bonus is that these tri-color COB LEDs also allow for incredibly smooth color mixing, so users can make distinct hues that take their lightshow to the next level. With pixel-mapping capabilities and an included lens kit too, the creative possibilities really are endless…”

Offering awesome levels of power while retaining the benefits of portability, the Dotz Par 100 is the ultimate compact wash/par solution, whether users are lighting stages, clubs, dance-floors or houses of worship. With an array of in-built colors and an adaptable beam angle, the Dotz Par 100 gives users the flexibility to generate sleek up-lighting, vibrant color washes and energized pixel-mapped displays, producing pure lighting excitement for their audiences, at an unbeatably low price.

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