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ADJ Chameleon QBar Pro

Published Jul 23, 2016

The unique new Chameleon QBar Pro from ADJ produces impressive wall-washing effects and can also be used to generate impactful mid-air beams. Offering WiFLY DMX control, 64 color macros, 19 built-in programs and 6 operating modes, it is an innovative product that offers the potential for a whole new level of creativity in venue up-lighting.

Powered by three potent 30W RGBA (4-in-1) LEDs, each positioned behind a separate angled lens, the Chameleon QBar Pro projects three separate beams of light in a fan-shaped pattern to give a new dimension to up-lighting. Each LED can be individually controlled, allowing impressive multi-color static effects to be created as well as imaginative animated chase sequences. The lenses are mounted on an adjustable yoke, which means that the unit can also be used as a mid-air effect, shooting out vibrant beams of color into, or over, a crowd.

Not only does the Chameleon QBar Pro offer impressive up-lighting or powerful mid-air effects, but it can also be controlled remotely from a considerable distance as it is fitted with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR ‘Extend Range’ wireless DMX which allows connectivity from up to 2,500 feet away. The unit is compatible with ADJ’s entire range of WiFLY fixtures and controllers for use as part of a wireless DMX system.

“Up-lighting has become a staple part of the service offered by many mobile DJs and event production companies, who use it to transform the look of banquet halls and function rooms for their clients,” said ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “However we know that many of our customers strive to be ahead of the curve and are now looking for ways to take their up-lighting to another level, which is where the Chameleon QBar Pro comes in. This innovative fixture allows distinctive fan-shaped up-lighting projections to be created quickly and easily. Add to that it’s dual-purpose ability to work as a beam effect and its in-built extended range WiFLY DMX capability and you have an innovative lighting fixture ideal for a variety of applications.”

A wide range of control options makes the Chameleon QBar Pro extremely flexible and equally suited to lighting novices as it is to seasoned professionals. Selection between the modes, as well as DMX addressing, is carried out using the 2 x 8-character LCD display screen positioned on the top of the unit, which offers a straight-forward and intuitive menu-driven interface.

For simple single-color up-lighting, the Static Color Mode allows any one of the unit’s 64 pre-programmed color macros to be easily selected. However, for those situations where an exact color hue is required, the RGBA Dimmer Mode allows the level of red, green, blue and amber light to be mixed precisely. The unit is also pre-programmed with 19 varied chase patterns, all of which can be set to run at a regular speed in Auto Run Mode or synchronized with the music in Sound Active Mode. What’s more, units can be linked in a master/slave configuration to allow static colors or pre-programmed chases to be easily synchronized across multiple Chameleon QBar Pros.

When it comes to DMX control, a choice between seven different modes allows DMX control using between 4 and 14 channels. This means that users can choose the option that gives the level of control they require without wasting channels in their system on attributes they are unlikely to use. While the Chameleon QBar Pro offers cutting-edge WiFLY EXR connectivity, standard 3-pin XLR input and output sockets are also provided to allow the fixture to be integrated into an existing cabled DMX system.

For lighting users who don’t want to use DMX, the Chameleon QBar Pro is compatible with ADJ’s separately sold LED RC2 and UC IR wireless remotes, which offer basic wireless control for color and mode selection. The fixture can also be controlled by ADJ’s innovative Airstream IR, the compact and affordable new device that transforms any iOS phone or tablet into a lighting controller.

To allow easier and neater cable runs, the IEC power input and XLR DMX input sockets are located on the left side of the unit, while the corresponding output sockets are on the right. Thanks to the use of efficient LED light-sources, the fixture’s maximum power draw is 100W, despite its impressive output. This means that the power supply for up to 6 units can be daisy-chained together to minimize the number of power cords required and maximize setup speed.

Designed for use by mobile entertainers, venue dressers and production companies, the Chameleon QBar Pro is both lightweight (8 lbs. / 3.7 kg) and compact (270 x 100 x 260mm / 10.5” x 4” x 10.25”). Not only is it easy to store and transport, but it’s small form and rectangular shape mean that it can sit in closer to a wall than a traditional par-style fixture reducing the risk of a guest tripping over it.

Offering the versatility of both distinctive up-lighting and impactful mid-air effects, as well as the flexibility of wireless control, the ADJ Chameleon QBar Pro is a powerful lighting tool. With bright RGBA LED light-sources and a variety of control options, it is ideal for any lighting user who wants to make their lighting effects stand out as uniquely different.


The Chameleon QBar Pro is available now from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe

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